Make hero invoke sbire for all

Make a new hero who invoke sbire with 400 pv for all hero, ennemie and Allie. But make only 1 damage only.

This sounds interesting. But only because my mind filled in all the blanks that were left from not understanding the description with my own stuff. Which was most of it. Sorry I think you will have to re-write that a bit…

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A bit of french got in the way.
OP is asking for a new hero who summons a 400 health and 1 attack for all the heroes on the board, friends or foes.
So he is basically asking for “living walls” with fixed stats.

I’m still sleeping this morning but… is there any hero who summons with absolute stats (not a percentage of the summoner/owner)?

[I know you understood, but let’s get the discussion going]

As for me… I’m pretty bored with Pokemon wars I’d rather see them discouraged.
Well, that’s an understatement. I’d rather see them go for good.

How would that be any better than the health boost of Heimdall or Guillinbursti? At 1 attack, it’s not like the minions will be of much use. Worse, can be eaten by Gobbler/cGormek.

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And that could be their usage: summon minions for the opponent only to eat them right away with Gobbler or Skadi.

But we can have another thread for an extra-health counter :slightly_smiling_face:

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That much hp will be hard to kill unless you have heroes that will get rid of them on a single special. I find 2 uses for it:

1 as extra health/protection on bloody battles
2 give your opponent minions to later kill them with other heroes that will put status effects on your opponent or boost your own team

That being said it can be very knish use and you will have to have those other heroes

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