Make harvesters less useless - have them work on farms, mines, advanced house

Since this suggestion was closed after the expansion of harvester validity to seasons 2 and 3 (but not to Atlantis Rises or Valhalla Forever, natch), I thought I’d open a new one for my idea, which would make the harvesters less useless. It’s so obvious, I’m surprised it hasn’t come up before (or maybe it has and I just missed it).

My idea: right now the harvesters only work on map levels, which limits their utility to the amount of WE you generate over a 24-hour period, since players are highly unlikely to want to waste rare WE flasks that are most valuable during Atlantis Rises and the challenge events - and soon Valhalla Forever, too.

To make them truly useful, harvester effects should apply to base buildings, as well: iron harvesters boost mine/watchtower iron production by 50% for 24 hours, food harvesters boost farm/watchtower food production by 50% for 24 hours, and recruit harvesters boost Advance House production by 50% for 24 hours. If SGG wanted to be truly generous, item harvesters could boost forge/AL/HL output by a certain percentage, too. Omnia harvesters boost all 4.

That would make the harvesters, which currently are mere useless fillers for POV reward levels, actually useful and would give players who grind their way through POV (and buy POV passes) something extra in recognition of their efforts. Hell, SGG could even start selling them in the Shop and monetize it if they want, so everyone would benefit.

What do you think?

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Very good Idea ! I was happy 20 seconds, during I have red, that FINALLY I can use harvester in S2 a S3 maps,…after this 20 seconds was the text,…not during Events… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: ( Medal of Honor for the person, who make such decision )
…and thats why, again, usage of harvester, is in my opinion, there, where it was before ( holding position in inventory )
…With your idea , I can still see the light at the end of the tunnel

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i like this, harvesters are useles right now. i buy the pov just for the emblems. i would rather get a 500k food box than a harvester. anyway harvesters :poop:


Absolutely awesome idea, I used to play clash of clans, they do it exactly like you’ve suggested!


13 upvotes in the first 24 hours is a good start - let’s get some more votes!

I have to admit that I’m a little surprised this suggestion only has 19 upvotes so far out of 160 views. I think I’ve developed a solid concept that offers something to both the players and SGG. It it would make a currently unpopular, poorly designed item much more useful.

If you haven’t voted, why not?
  • I don’t understand the purpose of this proposed change
  • I think the harvesters are fine the way they are
  • I can’t be bothered because SGG won’t implement it anyway
  • I’m out of feature request votes
  • I like it and I voted already

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I did not vote for this idea. I also did not vote in your poll.

Are harvesters useless? No
Have I used a harvester? No
Are we better off having harvesters in the game than not? Yes

I’ve done plenty of season one grinding before and could have used the harvesters at previous points in the game.

Yea I would like them to be better just as I’d like more five star heroes and emblems to come my way. I supposed I’d be happy if this got implemented, but I can’t even remember what the most recent change to harvesters was because I still don’t have any plans to use them.

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Thanks for your feedback. Sorry I didn’t include an option for “I don’t know and I don’t care” for you. You claim that harvesters aren’t useless, but admit you’ve never used them.

You’re probably unaware of the most recent change to the harvesters, which was just now implemented in Release 35: the harvesters now work in all 3 seasons, but not during Atlantis Rises or Valhalla Forever.

For me, this is an indication that SGG has acknowledged the problem of the unattractive harvesters and is taking steps to improve them, but I’m pointing out a further improvement that would have a much greater impact.

The change has made them marginally less useless, but still 99% useless, because they’re still limited by the amount of WE you accumulate over 24 hours.

You’d have to be pretty desperate (or disillusioned) to use a bunch of WE flasks after activating a harvester that would be put to much better use during AR, VF, or challenge events.

I’m not using them now as I work on S3 avatar missions. Once that’s over I’ll get to using them as I can prioritize loot over the type of monster I’m facing (if you had a poll to make avatar missions on the best stages for loot and monsters I’d vote for it).

I have 10 Damascus Blades. Doesn’t mean they’re useless.

I agree. While I didn’t vote for this idea, I’m replying to bump it. It’s not a bad idea in any way. Hopefully more people see this and weigh in.

Also agree. But why not just use it during normal farming? We don’t need something to only be useful if you also use WE flasks to go along with it.

tldr: your idea makes harvesters better, current use of harvesters is meh, I just didn’t vote for it. Maybe count me as a preemptive “I’ve used all of my votes”.

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Frankly speaking, only recently I have learned that I can vote for an idea and that the button is right next to the thread title… Maybe there are more users like me? Polls are more noticeable for me. Maybe you can add one to your first post?

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Done, thanks.

20 more thanks.

They added Harvester usage for S2 and S3.
Now its all set.
For bigginers S1.
For those who are able to grind in S2…
And For others, who autoplay farming in S3.
Overal its a good addition at this point.
Im not with the idea of mines farms, etc.
Coz lvl 20 (or advanced 10) and lvl 10 mines and farms are differs a lot in production in 24 hrs.
It should be fair enough to all, who pays for POV pass and collect them. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::thinking:.

great idea! I used harvesters a couple of times just to try out
also , i’d suggest to replace harvesters with food/iron bundles for PoV if there is no improvement coming soon

I agree and appreciate your idea.
I may try to extend this with a very logical thing. First, it is great having the harvesters extended to all seasons. I just do not agree with the validity of the harvesters.
Using them frequently I can surely state, the 24h use is not more than 8 active hours. I hardly believe people can sit in front of their phones or computers more than 8 hours a day. I mean everybody is working or studying, having family or hobbies and normally you sleep 8 hours…

Please, S&G extend the validity of the harvesters to 3 days (=real 24 h of active use) and make your players and source of your incomes :slight_smile: happy!

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