Make gem packs more irresistible


Make Epic, & Legendary Fighters more acquirable. In gem packs, or by adding together max level heroes (2 max Epic heroes = 1 Legendary ) or 2 max rares =1 Epic)


Again, changing this much the game results very unfair for the players who already spend money, expecially big buyers.

This reminds me the “Gigantic Discount offer” issue, so, not a good idea.


I disagree with this and I don’t even have a legendary hero, I grinded hard to get some 4* and the same I will with 5* and that would be unfair to me and others like me.


Well I’ve spent $100 a month on a game that I didn’t like as much as this. With people complaining about inability to get 4* & 5* players I guess I should uninstall because I’m stuck at area 14 & it’s too hard to advance with the common folk, DANG, I’LL give this a week to improve


Just a tip for you on the map then.

  • Always leave 1 foe on the ground before passing on the next stage, and charge all your specials. This way you can charge suffering minus damage. Then at the beginning of the next one, shoot them all and repeat the sequence leaving 1 again.
  • If you have Gunnar or Kailani level them up and deploy 1 of them with a good healer (Belith/Hawkmoon). They are a really good life insurance.
  • A good idea is to use axe attacks and arrow attacks at the very beginning, to suffer minus damage and charge your specials that are at 0.
  • If you have a healer, bring mana potions instead of normal potions, so you can charge him and heal all togheter.
  • Try to get a hero who decrease defence (Valen, Ulmer). They are very useful.

A good leveled 3* team can easily get on stage 18/19 (and on the way, you may found better heroes)

Good luck.


Elpis, thank you very much! I wish I’d had this advice before I finished the map with my 3* team! :smile:


When Elpis says “charge your heroes”, you understand they generally mean to fire into the blank spaces where dead enemies are now gone—doing so charges your hero’s specials faster.

You need to leave ONE enemy on the board while you charge up said heroes before moving on to the next stage.


Good tips , but I still bought me some guys common heroes were just toooooo hard to win with, now I’m trying to level them all. THX