Make food and Iron quest percentage based

Make food and Iron quest percentage based. I mean I am level 25. 50,000 iron is nothing to me, but to a level 5 it is a fortune. How about a percentage? Like 10/15/20? Or 10/25/50? A percentage of your own total.

Currently the amount of ham/iron you get from wanted chests is based on your storage capacity. It could work this way also for quests.


This is a good idea, especially now when there are many new construction projects. I am already 51 levels, and I do not remember when I last played these quests. They became not interesting to me because of the insignificant reward for my level.


Really good idea. Please do this.


Great idea, this makes sense, would be really easy to implement, and would encourage more play.


So ya the food and iron from quests REALLLY need to be a percentage based on player level and max storage limits. It gives another reason for players to max out their storages (other than the SH 21+ advanced buildings, which made all long term players upgrade their food storages a house).

In fact all common and uncommon quests need an upgrade!
They should all have 5 levels, instead of 3, with level requirements on the last 2.
Of course the rewards need to be upgraded significantly as well (on the non-iron/food ones since they will be % based)

For instance the ‘Collect Gems’ quest rewards of 1-3-6 gems are insulting even at low level.
That should be adjusted to at least ‘your level in gems + quest level’ (quest level in collect gems 2 would be doubled)


I support making these quests percentage-based, or perhaps adding advanced versions of food/iron/scavenge resources quests that are percentage-based. As it currently stands, I do these quests primarily for the XP.


It is ok to outgrow content.

Greater rewards would require greater difficulty.

I like the idea of adding stages with level gates, greater difficulties greater rewards.

But still, it is ok to outgrow content. How often do you go back to Season 1 Province 3?


Actually a lot of people DO farm season 1 levels for specific items or for color chests. All farmable items indicate which provinces they appear more often in.
S1: 8-7 is the most popular level to farm recruits in the game, even though S2: 15-8 Hard or S2: 15-9 normal are superior, however the easier levels use much less world energy (3 vs 12 or 7 in this case) and thats why they are still farmed.
Season 2 has a normal and hard mode…season 1 should have a hard mode as well, then they would be used even more.

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The quests definitely need to be reworked.

The iron/food/resources quests have way too little amounts of loot. And to be honest, they are also way too easy for everyone with a somewhat decent hero roster.

However, the same is true for several other quests. I like the idea to make the resource quests percentage based, but I think that also Find Crafting Items, Find Battle Items etc. should be improved.

Therefore, I think that the best would be to have common quests replaced by higher tiers at some point in the game (hitting a certain player level, a certain amount of cups or maybe finishing a certain mission to unlock them). As for the iron/food quests, they should give a substantial amount that is still useful for advanced players—percentage based seems very sensible :slightly_smiling_face:


Just wondering with all that has changed - how about updating the daily quests to have loot that is a little bit more relevant? Particularly the scavenging for resources… 4k ham seems a bit moot.

The common quests are mostly for beginner players. So considering that it is not insignificant. Just for comparison, 3WE on lower provinces, say like 8-7 gives less than 2k food.

A better idea would be to scale the quest rewards depending on player levels. For example, till level 20 everyone get 4k food. Level 20-30 gets 10k food, level 30-40 gets 20k food, and so on and so forth.


There is already tiers 1 and 2 for many quests, eg recruits and gems. They could add a third tier and drop tier 1 when you reach a certain level in your gameplay (say level 40), making the third tier correspondingly more difficult.

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And more WE required…

Edited for clarity

More food from quests

Is this already discussed here?

(Make food and Iron quest percentage based)

Predicting SGG response

Since Valor Path is adding valor quests, I do not expect a revamp of common, uncommon and rare quests.

Rumors from Beta say the main loot from Valor Path is food and iron.

(🧪 Early Information on the Path of Valor [Part of the Beta Beat v25 & v26])


:triangular_flag_on_post: I have flagged this for a possible merge.


It is valor mission, not quest…

They are completely different.

Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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I think what @Gryphonknight was getting at is that Path of Valor has a significant amount of Food and Iron as rewards along the way, particularly on the Valor Pass side — but even the free side had 960k Iron and 1000k Food as last seen in Beta.

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(Checking rumors) The technical terms are “Path of Valor” and “Valor challenges” but Valor challenges reward you with valor which can be redeemed for rewards along the Path of Valor. So I will always confuse them with quests.

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But the OP (from the thread that have been merged) want the quest to be changed, which is not what Valor update will do.

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