Make Empires great again - List of wanted features

I know the chance of this thread reaching the developers is slim to none, but i feel that i need to put into text what has been bothering me for the past few weeks.

This game is great, sure, everyone that plays if for more than a couple of months gets pulled into it, but after a while it starts do wear you off, either due to the lack of heroes, the lack of ascension materials, or simply because you don’t have anything new to do in the game.

So i created a list with simple and wanted features that players have been waiting for a long time.


  1. Pity timer

Can’t understand how pulling, 30, 60, 100 heroes does not grant you at least a 5* hero. This generates frustration among players, which leads to people eventually stop spending or quitting.


Create a pity timer (there are a plenty of gatcha games with this kind of feature), which generates a random 5* from the portal after X amount of summons (30 would be a decent number for X).

By doing this a player knows in advance that if they do X number of pulls in an event, they will at least get a 5* hero. It is a win win situation, players will get a 5*, and SG will get more money as players will tend to do more pulls.

  1. Duplicate Heroes

Now that i did 100 pulls, i have a bunch of duplicate 3*, 4* and if i am “lucky” some 5*. What can i do with these heroes beside using them as “expensive” food?

Hero academy is not a solution, as it trades 1 hero at a time, and takes 7 days to do it, and it is only available to players with 2 or more years of playing.


a. Create a trade token, which allows players to trade heroes between alliance members. How to monetize the feature? Easy, sell the tokens on shop or include them in promotions, and add a gem cost to each trade.

To be able to do a trade, both players would need to be in the same Alliance for X number of days, and the heroes being traded must have the same rarity and be from them same event (S1, S2, S3, Monthly events, seasonal events, Ninja tower, Costumes, and so on).

b. Create a hero shop, where we can trade our 3*/4*/5* duplicate heroes for credits. The credits we get can be traded for random heroes of specific portals.

S1 heroes would be available all the time, and the rest of the heroes would be available during specific times at the month, ideally at the same time events are running, so players can do some pulls, convert the heroes into credits and “buy” from the shop.

E.g. During atlantis rising we could trade X amount of credits for a random 4*, and Y credits for a random 5* from season 2.

It makes sense that a random 5* from S3 would cost you a little more credits than a hero from S2.


Most of the games, have some sort of rewards that encourage you to login and play every day.

Path of valor was a nice addon, but i feel it is not enough, and having to play S2 and S3 map levels outside the appropriates events, seems unnecessary.


Create a set of daily, weekly and monthly rewards that enforces players do a fixed set of actions (Raids, spend world energy, attack titans, craft items).

The new buildings (Hunter’s Lodge, Hero Academy, Alchemy lab and advanced buildins), should also have a place in missions. Players should be rewarded gems as they max these builds as well.


Every time you level up, you get a grey token, some gems and from time to time more hero slots and world energy flags. After level 100 you start getting epic hero tokens.

When you get into higher 60s, you only lvl once or twice per month, and this rewards seems to be bad for such effort.


It would be great if epic troop and epic hero tokens would be rewarded past lvl 50. You could alternate them, once every level (e.g. lvl50 epic troop, lvl51 epic hero)

More slots for heroes should also be granted on each level. It seems weird that there was no update what so ever to the hero slot after 3 seasons. A player that has been playing the game for several years, has to buy a lot of space if they want to keep some heroes.


There is no real gain in getting into top places in either Alliance and players leaderboards.

Once you get past Diamond, there is no difference in the loot you get once you open you raid chests.

What do we get for being in a top 100 alliance?


Create more levels past Diamond, with better loot.

Create a weekly chest for alliances that grants loot based on the alliance average position in the last 7 days.


Friendly matches between alliance members (I know it is already in beta). This feature shouldn’t have any type of energy, as it should grant any type of rewards, nor it counts to rankings.

In addition when playing friendly match, you should be able to choose a field aid to simulate a war match.

Infinite dungeons, where you play with a fixed team, during an “infinite” number of rounds (not stages) of normal enemies and bosses (a boss every 5 rounds). You keep playing round after round, until you lose, and get the rewards based on the number of rounds you manage to defeat. This maximum number of rounds could also figure in your player profile. You can play 1 dungeon per day.


In every monthly event we see the same players getting the first positions, as it requires players to play the same levels over and over again.

It would be interesting if the levels couldn’t be replayed (same as ninja tower), this would allow other players to try and rank better in this type of events.


According to monthly events, it is a good idea, but I would change that. You could reply forever, as you can earn some event coins or cheap xp, but only first run should be taken into classification.

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Sorting heroes. Currently when sorting it is in descending order. Being able to reverse that to ascending order by choosing the sorting option a second time would help.

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How about instead of introducing yet more content that sure shooting they’re going to foul up and somehow find a way of blaming the user community, they actually fix what they already have jerry rigged?

Case in point: latest debacle with loot tickets and the downright laughable compensation. (4) coins, are you kidding me?

Or how about Hero Academy where in SG’s own words it wasn’t what they wanted but here ya go anyways? Introducing ninja troops before the event in HA? And not doing anything for those of us left holding the bag due to their screwup?

Or how about the constant disconnects from the game? My wifi is perfectly fine yet the network indicator of death flashes from time to time - titan attacks, map work, event work, etc? This game will drop like a lead balloon and yet other apps work just fine? **I have darn near 1Gbps wifi speeds so it ain’t the issue.

Or how about actual customer service? Not some robot reading from a script where everything other than the game is at fault.

List could go on for days.

So in short, before suggesting more content how about we get the current stuff squared?


A pity timer for a 5* set on 30 will actually bring the odds from an uncertain 1,3% to a guaranteed 3,3%. So not happening lol

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Ideas section buddy. But I agree, lots of sensible suggestions there

For 100 Food, allow me to rent one shot from a Goblin Balloon Bazooka.

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the pity timer could be around the concern the RNG is like gambling and could been violation of several counties laws. Think of the Dutch and EA.

Sorry, but a big dislike from my side!
If you want another game, play another game.

I had a couple of people who left the game to play one of these easy guaranteed winning games, but most of them where coming back as the games lost their fun if you could get everything just too easy for some cash.

These games are the ones who are fishing for your money, they copied a pretty good idea, placed a price tag on nearly everything but couldn’t provide the same fun and diversity SG is giving you.

First off, just want to say a thanks for the time/ thought you have put into this post.

Unfortunately, pretty well all the ideas & solutions presented here are duplicates of existing threads (bar one). For this reason, I will be closing this thread per the #forum-rules (Rule 8 specifically).

Feel free to quote/ copy your thoughts for each part to the relevant threads AND cast your vote there too.


Lots of options: Search results for 'Duplicate Hero #ideas-feature-requests ' - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum

Think this is a unique new idea. Possibly worth creating a standalone thread for it.