Make Embleming Costumes Easier

I think it would be helpful if we could apply emblems directly to the talent grid of the hero’s costumed form.


For example, if I could apply Paladin emblems to Costumed Sonya’s talent grid directly, it would be easier than having to plan which path I want on the druid talent tree, then switch back to Sonya’s paladin form and emblem her on the corresponding path.

I agree, current method is more difficult and more confusing for newer players. most of us in my alliance are fairly new. this is something that continues to come up. as I’m learning from the forums I’m trying to help them how to better understand and plan the correct path for heroes in costume.


I noticed that the talent tree view as of V31 has left/right arrows to move between heroes … a feature I just stumbled upon and don’t expect to use often.

I’d much rather have a costume view toggle, or as the original poster suggested, let me spend emblems in the costume view.

Example: let me be in ranger view when spending cleric emblems on costumes Rigard.

Or at least flip back and forth between classes without exiting the talent tree.


Just so long as you can apply either type of emblem, instead of emblems for costume version and emblems for non costume

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I used to think that any change to embleming costumes would be an improvement. I was wrong. These new side arrows are almost pointless - the only halfway sensible use I’ve seen still requires dismantling a whole preset team (and thanks for the tip @Guvnor).

Yes, please, let us do it directly through the talent tree. Better yet, let us toggle back/forth between the talent trees OF THE SAME HERO for chrissakes. Or put both trees on the screen together. Or let us use the OG emblems on the costume card or grid.

This entire process is complicated, overly cumbersome, and single mistakes are irreversible without resetting the whole tree. And these new swiping arrows do nothing to simplify any of it.

We need a feature here that removes the confusion, not one that just adds arbitrary features with no point.

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Linky Link:

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Even if they don’t budge on allowing us to use emblems from the costume hero’s class, at the very least we should be able to pick our talents based on the costume hero’s grid and not have to go back and forth.

Just make the cost in the corner show the emblems from the original hero.

It’s a bit irritating trying to toggle between the original heroes emblem path and their costume path. A side by side comparison would be nice.

My post got merged but it is a different post.

For example, I added attack to Elena today and it added health to her costume. I would have made a different choice if I could see both paths at the same time.

How is it diffrent you want to make embleming costumes easier correct? There is a video that guv puts on how to make it easier for you in his thread in the posts above :slight_smile:
For now that’s the best option we have.

I mean……do I really have to cycle back and forth to make sure I choose the right path for my costumes?? I would have definitely went the defense path on this one.