Make ELEMENTAL and EPIC hero summonings more worthy

Summons have use for intermediate players who (after lets say 6 month) already accumulated some 5* heroes (f2p), but little to ABSOLUTELY 0 use for players who spend or are in game longer.

These two summonings also dont stand out in any way for people to invest their money FOR NEW PLAYERS.

Why would any player invest into these summonings if they valhalla and atlantis summons + events are monthly?


  • INCREASE chance of legendary heroes to 5%
  • LOWER gem price for additional 200 (10 pulls = 2400 )

PURPOSE : It would offer NEW PLAYERS to go for these two summonings , so they can build starting roster quicker and become more competitive earlier. Later on, they would start to invest into other summoning with lower chances, when they will be looking for specific heroes to fill gap or improve roster.

Right now, there is no reason to pull from mentioned portals.

Increased chances would also help F2P community to be more competitive, when they finally acquire epic hero tokens from rewards and grinding.

Fell free to judge the idea :slight_smile:

Iā€™d like to see season 2 heroes in those portals instead. Say, one week s1 heroes, week 2 s2 heroes and then s1 again and so on. For elemental portal similar rotation, but also grouped by color.

Atlantis event is nice, but rare and summon wise is mostly useless for f2p and c2p, since Atlantis coins are too hard to get now.
As season 3 is here it would be nice to see s2 heroes more affordable for low end players.

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