Make Costume Talent Grid progress sensible

I saw this now beacuse one of my alliance teammates ask if this should be like that.

They have diffrent emblems paths, I understand it beacuse they have diffrent classes. Emblems paths are same for every hero in class.

But information on costume talent path said:

It’s confusing for me(and probably for other players) because talent paths are diffrent. Ofcourse, you can just check your costume path and choose what you want have on costumed version, bu this is annoying and your hero without costume may be crappy emblemd.

It may be to late for this change but in my opinion emblem paths shoud be same for costume and basic hero (only diffrence should be “skill”/“class special”)

I see your point. But I think it is supposed to be that way and is very unlikely to be changed. Most heroes though you will probably most of the time only use either with or without costume, so choose the path for the version you prefer. In Li Xius case, I would only use her costume for trial quests.

it only sucks when you already emblemed the original hero but prefer the costume and haven’t chose the perfect path for that one. But in more than 90% I will always use my costume-hero the same way, and I think most others as well. And based on that, it may cause dissatisfaction for many players when the hero costume would have a different talend grid than it’s class usually should have…

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