Make chasing to next reward level easier

On various events the rewards levels are divided by percentages, I’m not trying to change this.

But adding the number of points or rank required to achieve the next reward level (circled in red) would make it easier to know how far you need to go when chasing next level.

With events its got the score you need for the bracket to get said loot.
Think MT might work differently as well there is no bracket, it’s hit as hard as you can and see where you end up.
People hitting it 24/7 so there gonna be a issue on what score you need to over take over.

Our current rank is not refreshed in real-time as far as I see.
Maybe based on a snapshot the actual top x% margin score can be returned and shown during these rank refreshes.
I agree on that it will not be precise as other player might imrpove their scores meantime, but it can be good if you see that you are just a few 1000 point away for a better/worse loot bracklet or much far away.

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