Make challenges less boring


played challenges for the first time. takes me more than 12 minutes in intermediate. in beginner i am stuck with heroes i have not updated and will not update. boring as well. bosses almost impossible to kill due to fact that their skill triggers every other turn as one of my colours does noghing but help the adversary out. all in all the challenge is to stay awake and/or to kill that boss in less than 10 minutes. boring as well. i like a challenge but this is not fun.


So what is the actual problem? I didnt quite understand.

  • The bosses are too hard?
  • The bosses are too easy?
  • You 3/4/5* heros arent leveled enough?
  • You dont have the “right” heros?

Personally I really like the event. It gives me something new to do, and think the balance is pretty good.


i think the balance is off.
. the bosses are too hard, especially as the holy hero does not do anything
. whole challenge takes too long, holy attacks serve only to trigger enemy skill
. most of my level 3 heros are not levelled, havent had basic materials and time to do that, wokring on my level 4s
. my troops are not levelled, have not had enough troops to train them
. i have nice level 4 heroes but they have not been fully levelled yet.
so in beginner level i can’t win beyond first stages.
in intermediate level i am stuck at level 5 and takes me 12 minutes and lads of battle items.
if you are enjoying this i guess you have a much better hero and troop pantheon than me.
i have been playing only for like three weeks and you probably longer.


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While I’ve found lvl 10 on both Beginner and Intermediate challenging, I wouldn’t say boring, as I keep going back with something new to try.

We’ve had a whole month to lvl 2* Troops and 3* Heroes for Beginner (which I strangely still find difficult). Maybe next month! :grin:

You are doing GREAT for 3 weeks! Congratulate yourself, let this one pass and prepare for the next one. :wink:


But why boring or imbalanced? You are saying yourself that your heroes aren’t strong enough yet. I found the endbosses on all difficulty lvls challenging, but they should be challenging. My beginner team wasn’t fully leveled and I had no heroes to replace bane with, but I still made it. Perfectly balanced I think, hard but not impossible. Same goes for intermediate and advanced.


Heros and troops not being leveled enough, and not having enough consumables is the problem then.

And that is perfectly resonable, but the solution is equally simple: level them up, craft stuff and give the next event a try. Events will take place on a regular basis :slight_smile:


I am not a Beginner, my Fortress ist 12 since Yesterday, but i didnt have Hero in 3* in all colours, my 2*-hero with level 40 Made No damage to the boss in the Ende of beginner.
I think its Not balanced.
Maybe make beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert.
If Fortress is 12, this ist 60% of Max, that is Not beginner!
Beginner must be possible with Fortress 8, 9 or 10.


Thats a good idea.
Make a 4th tier for 2* heros and 1* troops

The event tiers are balanced to be doable with the heros available. And from that perspective, they are balanced.

The fact that your heros/troops are good enough yet, is a shame, but not evidence that the event is unblanced

Your building levels have nothing to do with your troops and heros allowed for Beginner. Everything you need for that is available for free from daily summons and farming the map.


In Daily summons i only became 1* or 2* Heros, my Two other 3* Heros i Payed with juwels from the Missions and Chests. Only in Fortress 12 and train 12 i can get 3* Heros with my own Power

The buildinglevel have many todo with my Heros.


In this case you are just wrong.

Daily summons have a chance to give 3* heros.
And even 3* troops.

Does it help your production rate and chances to have training camps training? Yes it does. But it isnt necessary.


Sorry, you are absolutely wrong! In the daily summons, you can get 3 Stars, Troops and Heros!
I got from the daily summons…I guess three or four 3 Star Heros (But only 2 Star Troops).

We can see, you are not well informed! And the building level has nothing to do with your heros.
Since my fortress was 10, I had a bunch of 4 Star heros. Your fortress is 12 and you haven’t all 3 Stars.
You can have a fortress level 20 and only 2 Star heros. Or you can have a fortress level 1 and all 3 Star Heros!


I read that there should bei a Chance, but since three month Daily i became no one 3*-hero or troop. My experiance ist different from that what i read.


In the Trainingscamp at Level 12 i can Research the task “get garanteed rare hero” it used 164k eating and 45 recruits and 48 hours.
This is what i mean, i make 3*-heros with my own Power.

If i have a Fortress at 20 and No build a Trainingscamp i didnt understand the game.


Training Camp 12 (TC12) gives guaranteed 3* heroes.

TC13 gives guaranteed 3*, with a chance at 4* heroes.

TC20 gives 3* with a chance of 4-5* heroes.

You must build your stronghold to lvl 12 to make a TC12, to lvl 13 to make a TC13 and lvl 20 to make a TC20. Stronghold first, then training camp.

Hope this helps! :wink:


Thanks for the info. I thought i would be stuck with 3stars forever.


Nah…Good luck on your upcoming heroes! crosses fingers :smile: