Make better 5 star heroes!

I made a huge stink about good characters being reduced. Boldtusk is going to be reduced from 32% to 27% max skill.

I learned all of these reasons why to do so. SOme of it makes sense. The issue might be that players are not replacing their boldtusks with 5s. Developers would like it if players purchased 5 replacements. Boldtusk being so great, there is little insentive to get 5*'s. I get that. You know what else is an insentive to get 5s ACTUALLY GETTING ONE!!! There is no guarantee that by paying money you will be gifted with the 5 of YOUR CHOICE! None what’s so ever.

I do agree that if there was a way to buy a 5* character, then yeah people should be motivated to buy one. That is pay money for a special coin that will give you a 5* and only 5*. Doesn’t exist though.

But lets say that was the case. Then why not make better 5s worth buying? How about a Female Boldtusk like character that has 50% healing with the defense and add to that cure all poisons and curses? Leave BoldTusk alone and make a better 5.

However before we can get to that, in order to motivate players to BUY SOMETHING specific like a 5*, you need to guarantee that money spent gets you a 5*, or all of this is a moot point.

The bottom line is this. Whether Blodtusk is a 4* or secret 5* it does not change the fact that you still have to roll for him, you still have to hope to get him. There are no guarantees in this game whether you spend money or not that you will get a super 4* star or if you land a great 5*. The game is the same and if people want him, they will spend the money to roll for him, just like any other 5*.


To be honest, I would even be happy with a 25% to get a 5 star. Right now the chance is what? 2% or 1%?

The key is that it is random if you get one and random which you get.

Exactly. But this brings us to that spectre of p2w games, and I’m sooo pleased that this game is not ruled solely by those with deep pockets. Perhaps the percentage chance of getting “a good hero” could be raised? Hmm.

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I agree with the idea of raising the percentage of getting a 5*. Right now it’s really hard.

Sorry, but no. A 25% chance of getting a 5-star hero is silly and wouldn’t make them any money.

As I’ve repeatedly stated here, I’d like to have the pulling odds similar to what we have in Fire Emblem Heroes.

There, things are like this:

Summoning Rates
3% for 5-star focus units
3% for 5-star
58%for 4-star
36% for a 3-star

Obviously, Empires and Puzzles wouldn’t want to have such a high rate for 4 stars, because of the way the game’s set, but we could have something like 3% for the 5 stars, 25% for the 4 stars and 70% for 3 stars.

More than that, I think that another thing we could have from FEH, besides the actual seeing the odds, is the odd-rate increase.

For every 5 pulls you do without a 5-star hero, the rate for them raise by 0.5%, being 0.25% for the focus heroes and another 0.25% to non-focus heroes.

Again, bringing back to our context, we could have a 0.25% increase in the 5-star pool and another 0.25% increase in the 4-star pool for every 5 heroes we pulled without a 4 or 5-stars.

That alone would make them more money, probably, because people would actually spend more in order for that more guaranteed chance of getting the specific hero they want.

Another lesson to be had here:

If a player goes without a 5-star for 120 rolls, the rate to pull a 5-Star hero will be raised to 100% for the next summoning session (when this happens, summoning from any of the five stones will result in a 5-Star hero).

That means that, with time and patience, anyone could get at least one 5-star hero every 120 pulls. Another important aspect is that we have in E&P elemental pulls that work more or less like the specific banners with focus on FEH. And when the banner is gone, your pull rate goes back to the basic percentage, and we could have the same here. You have an n amount of days for each Elemental banner, you would have to try and pull as much as you could before it expires. Whenever it does expire, your rate is back to the beginning for the next one and so on. We’d have more people spending more money for each banner, since they wouldn’t want to have that streak of 20 pulls gone without a single hero, knowing that next time, it would get back to the 3%.

Maybe that’s what’s needed for this game to go over to the next level.

You want stronger 5* heroes… i want that the game deletes a Cancer like Alberich…
No one can have all that he want.