Make avatar mission challenge meaningful... or drop it

Are you finding the Season 5 avatar missions fun or boring? . For me they are just bloatware.ans a boring grind.My vote would be to give better reward (coin) for completion, not just another avatar… or drastically reduce the completion targets. Just not fun as is.

I added my vote, as I too am not motivated by the avatar missions… Mostly because I don’t like the avatars lol. But I get your point, as I used to race to complete all the missions when they were added… Alas, not anymore. Would extra loot improve my motivation… Idk :person_shrugging:


I like collecting avatars but I agree the grind for some is a bit much


I honestly don’t mind some of the avatars…
But some are better than others …
So agree that in the main the avatar mission challenge can be a grind for very little rewards…
Perhaps it’s time to introduce more QOL
Just my two pennies worth


hear hear. I only do them because I am a completionist, but I do not enjoy them at all

a little perk would be nice… maybe a few gems…


Voted aswell. The avatar missions are great for some players but not me. I’d prefer loot boxes, emblems or coins for sure.

How about an uncostumed S1 hero token at the final mission (keep dreaming @Ghost )


i agree have to play a mission 1000 × … not fun

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Slowly grinding through them, compelled by OCD to complete each mission.

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I also wouldn’t mind if we had fewer avatar missions per new season… Underwild wasn’t so bad. But Dunes has new ones every month, ugh

I do them, basically to determine which levels I’ll farm when the season x event comes up. Since 1-9 is so good on Atlantis for backpacks, I have done very few of the Atlantis missions. I’m on crocodiles and apises on V, ants and bats on IV, Firebeetles and Elf Watchmen on III, but Ice Kitsunes and Gadeirus on II.

A better reward would be nice and would motivate more than an avatar I’m probably not going to use, though so many people have already done them, the “back payments” to be fair would be considerable.

Once I’ve finished the season I tend to use them as guidance for autoplaying and to fill the enemies chest, when the events roll around.

I’ll have been playing for 4 years in July and I finished all of season 2 a couple of months ago. I think I’m about half way through S3 and S4. It does fill me with dread, to an extent, even with autoplay. I’m just a completionist so I’ll get there eventually. Grind grind grind.