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Hi everybody,

First, thanks for every informations shared on this forum. It’s pretty useless and we have a great community.

This post is not really about Atlantis. I was just trying to have a catchy title.

The main point I want to discuss is that every month, I struggle to get enough combat item for challenge event. I love challenge event and I like to try my best to achieve my own “challenge” which is to get 4* material in rare and epic’s mode reward by entering into top 500 and top 1000.

I have done my research, thanks to Barry and his mates, and I’m farming S1 6-8 and S2 1-X during atlantis rise to get an efficient amount of : hardwood lumber (axe), midnight roots (mana potion + bomb), crude iron (lesser mana potion), and large bonus (arrow).

Every week, I check the amount of materials and items I have. Despite the fact that I kept to a minimal amount items I use for titan and other stuff, it’s barely steady. When I use a lesser mana potion on a titan, I feel like I’m opening a bottle of champagne.

In desperation for improvement, I’ve been studying alchemy lab’s opportunity to get usefull combat item… I’ve done the math of the dedicated post. Just fix it please. 1/15 ratio?

So, I’ve give up on performing on legendary challenge event. I give a try and my stock didn’t like it. Frustrating but ok.

And one day, I read this announcement: EDIT (16 Sep): Based on the community feedback, we have made one further change: each Atlantis event will start on Thursday and end on Saturday.

Beginning this month, the duration for the Atlantis Rises Event has changed. It will now last 3 days instead of 4.

I’m not sure if I should understand that it’s the community feedback which is asking for the duration reduction or if it’s just about the day it starts / stops.

Anyway, I guess that now, you understand what I’m getting at with my title. Atlantis rise is the best way to farm materials. And it has been reduced. There is also, a lot of modification in the game which reduce our capacity of item farming: like class quest, path of valor missions, S3, costume quests, tavern of legend. Almost every new feature is less efficient in item farming than S1 6-8. I will mention Omnia harvester for being complete on the subject but it’s not really helpful.

I’m a C2P player and i feel like that one day, I would have to make a choice between challenge event and new contents. This is very frustrating. I’m already making choice between titan and challenge event and it’s not confortable regarding my alliance. The price in the store for combat item are insane.

I’m not even talking about entering the top 10. The difference between top 100 and top 10 is like the difference between the sky and the earth.

In short, this post’s purpose is to put forward that every new contents, and atlantis rise’s duration reduction reduce our material’s farming capacity. It would be great if it could be taken into account to make adjustment in the future. Players should not have to make choice between the feature that the game offers.

Thanks a lot for reading this post. It’s mostly an expression of my feelings so it’s might not be really interesting. Sorry for my language. You should have understand a long time ago that English is not my native language.

Concise summary for the tl;dr crowd


I could not have had any better.

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So, what you are asking for is more or less to stop putting out new interesting content that adds variety to the game in order to let us farm map stages over and over again? Meh… Don’t like the idea.

I also noticed that over the month I get to farm S2-1x less and therefor sometimes struggling with backpacks. But that made me actually finally use my 5k wooden swords and use AL1 again. And I am even leveling heroes faster now.

However, I get your point. But the game was always about about deciding what your priority is and let other things go. If challenge event is your priority, then maybe you should consider missing out on other things. But to cut new content for more than a million players so that a couple of thousands can farm map stages to compete better for top 100? I don’t like the idea.

When AR was reduced I was disappointed at first But now I think it was for good. The new content is much more interesting and there is a lot of it. I think it was the right decision. 3 days is enough.

Doesn’t sound like there is anything keeping YOU from using your WE exactly how you see fit.

We all make choices on what our priorities are. Titans are more important to my alliance than my individual accomplishment in a challenge event. So I use items accordingly.

I understand what you are asking for, but I happen to disagree. I will always vote fore more content and more choice in how I personally spend my resources.


I don’t aim for the highest score on titans I basically take green pot, turtle banner, arrows then whatever. In my alliance its up too you what items you take. I still get in the top 5.
If I was you I’d save items from your titans and use on the challenge events which you rather bee better at.

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