Make Ares great again!

I’ve tanked Ares in both Buff Booster and Very Fast tournaments where blues are restricted and he STILL performs poorly in both. This once GREAT hero is kind of irrelevant rn. I think his atk/crit buff should be extended to include all heroes and not just nearby. His HoT can stay the same or even extend to all, but at a reduced amount, but his atk/crit buff would at least make him awesome for titans and maybe even make him a solid tank again.

How does he perform in other venues (raid, Titan, war)?

I like him in Offence and Titans. I only have him at 3.70 atm.

Do you have him maxed? What about emblems?

I wish I had him… :grin:

I have Ares maxed and at 18 for emblems. Not as strong as he should be IMO. If I am not mistaken, he was nerfed a couple of years ago (when Ares was a new hero for me lol). I don’t think the nerf will be reversed or a new buff added but we can hope. I am considering removing his emblems…not sure.

All heroes that will be totally calm on Malos cast can be deleted…

I still get plenty of use out of him and he is on my green titan team, but it’s manly because I already have him maxed, so of course I’m going to use him. It would just make him sooo much better for titans if his atk buff covered everyone.

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Zulag, another recent Hotm. Is very comparable.

Ares, is debatably better.

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Good for titans, but would be so much better if his buff applied to all. I also use him all the time for raids. He’s definitely not bad, but again could be so much better.

I have him maxed and had emblems on him until recently, when I stripped him, after he performed poorly in blue restricted tournaments. If he can’t tank when there are no blues and speed is very fast, then he definitely doesnt deserve emblems.

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Add health boost to nearby (could be the first HoT overheal) and a hit after 3 turns (up to 320%) like Gulli.

Or make him fast and HoT all.

Both buffs would make him great again but not op.

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LOL. You’re mean.


I have Ares way back in 2018 when he was one of the featured hero in the early Atlantis. I maxed him and emblemed him as high as I can get him until I stripped him of emblems last March because of Telluria. He had his days. I still use him in my 2nd monored flanked by 2 GMs.

Of course, power creep would be a normal occurrence if SG wants to make money. Besides, first generation HOTMs mostly are getting inferior to the current HOTMs because of the Element Link and Innate Resistance, especially starting next year when the fourth generation of HOTM will be released with a new passive ability.

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