Make an update more that 2-5 New heroes pls

To the game editors… Can you pls exspand the features of the game. I think you Are not loyal to All that play This game! Our alliance has spend thousind of danish kr. But yoy Are not! Giveing much back… First. When you complete the story mode, No reward being giving. No klan wars. You cannot write personal to other playes. You cannot duel with eachother… We Will keep playing a little longer but i Hope you Will make a much better update next time! Instead of only New heroes. Story is complete, SH is lv. 20… Then what. I Will not spend more money on the game or! Recomand it is u dont give anything in return.

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Hey Kingjay,

A bunch of the points you bring up have been addressed by the developers in this post:

Should help you going forward knowing what to expect :slight_smile:

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