Make an offer where the mat is selectable

Time and time again I see offers for gems which are tempting but the included mat is not desirable to me… making me leave it.

So how about making offers instead say something like 1000gems, 5 emblems and a 4* mat. (Instead of a specific 4* mat). Then when you select the buy option, a drop down option opens for you to select which 4* mat you want.

How many fence sitters would buy now? Better money opportunity for SG. And players get what they need. Win win.

Oh no, I don’t need more reasons to spend :smiley:

Besides, they do it on purpose I think, that every calendar have only 1 offer per each epic material. Same as the rare quests and rare titans come in specified order. They want to keep a balance there. I personally do like such balance, as opposed to for example pull results where you can get 6 purple legendary heroes and no red, making you miserable etc.


I disagree 100% with this balance you speak off… especially when it can make SG money. Emblem offers being a perfect example.

edit: Also, I am not saying make ALL offers ‘mats select-able’. Maybe one every 2 weeks, or 1 a month. That way this precious ‘balance’ people like to believe in wouldn’t be affected.

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More profit in unselectable offers

Makes every offer more appealing as you dont know when that offer for that 4* mat will be around again

Encourages the purchases of the RnG shop offers

Increases the competition and spending levels during challenge events

Encourages the use of the over priced alchemy lab

Also people buying every 4* mat can increase their spending for hero summons as some feel if they have the mats to max a hero then they need to buy a hero of that color to max.

Balance is an ok answer but just sugarcoats the reality that their decision to not do the whole “pick 1 of 5 mats to buy” or whatever is due to greed, not balance.


Btw if you regularly buy gems anyways, you’re better off buying the mat offers if you’re just going to spend the same amount on just gems anyhow and during limited summoning portals, most will. So doesnt exactly sell the point home that more people would spend money on a game they dont normally spend money on if SG let’s them choose a mat that they probly just passed over buying the month before and every other time any mat they wanted was offered before that.

Sure some people only buy gems when they come with mats, but that’s because the option is there. If gems were just gems year round, people would still buy them.

Those that spend will spend, those that dont won’t. About the only things I’ve seen really tempt f2p to become c2p are the Valentine’s day deal, the gigantic offer of 2017, the vip subscriptions, and possibly the valor pass coming up

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What i am saying is there have been times i have seen offers with 4* mats i dont need so i don’t buy. But if it was the 4* mat i needed, there was a really good chance i would have bought it…
Simple as that. And i am sure there are other in a similar boat. If they could choose, they would buy.

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So what you’re saying is you only buy gems when they come with a mat you want? You dont buy gems any other time?

I mean i spend regularly. I’ll buy gems with or without the mats, but i do buy mats i need.

But Let’s run a hypothetical:

So if an offer pops up this week for a scope and 12k gems and some other goods for $100 or whatever, and i say nope I’m not buying as i don’t need the scope.

But then in each atlantis for the next 3 months i spend money on gems for at least 1 10x pull per summon portal. What did devs lose by you not buying their “deal”? Nothing. They got your money 1 way or the other but now you got less gems and less mats and less other goods for more money.

Either way they win.

The select a mat wouldn’t increase profit. It would only risk hurting profit in other areas.

Therefore it’s an all risk minimal gain scenario


What was that? I wasn’t around in 2017.


The deal of all deals

Won’t see a deal like that again

And it was only offered to a select few

Which is when devs decided to let the playerbase know that not all players have or will see the same offers





I will buy this a 100x over!!! :joy:

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All i am saying is when i am sitting waiting for 1 specific mat, if a special pops up and it has that specific item . I am more clined to buy or give it more thought. Simple as that. I am ctp. Cant afford to just spend at will.

Mostly the gems is 70% of my decition to buy or not. The correct mat can push me over the hill to buy

There are many people who sit straddling between ‘those who buy’ and ‘those who dont’… and a good salesman or good offer can move them accross.

This is why you’ll never get a custom offer. I dig this idea as I, too, only buy the deals where it comes with an AM that I really need (tonics, for me) and I would buy something like that. But it doesn’t work with the sales model that they’re pushing.

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Understand what u are saying. … But why cant they do both? No reason why a ‘once a month’ mat optional offer cant be added to the current model…

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No gain in it.

Want guaranteed mats?

Spend to compete in the challenge events.

And there’s your answer.

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Disagree 100%. Even if it is just me choosing to now buy… that is a gain.
I already get all the mats available in events. That still does not prevent me constantly needing a specific mat during playing

Lol and your disagreement truly matters to me. Means a lot lol. If devs wanted a “select a mat” offer, the offers would have been introduced from jump street. But you’re probly right they have no clue on what they’re missing by not having that offer. They have no data on what offers attract the most spending, the biggest stalls and increases of spending, the customer base they’re selling their product to, etc etc. Yes they should toss all that data and success out the window because this 1 guy with an opinion knows better…

Thanks for the laughs man, but i don’t feel like talkin in circles all day. Preach your idea on deaf ears all you want. It’s not the players that need convincing. Plenty of “bright ideas” get votes without implementation or consideration.

Have a good day.

So u saying no one would buy it?

So rhe devs have thought of everything. … every possible scenario . . Wow.they must be gods…

Whyis there an ideas and request section, ? Seems pointless if they have thought of all. No?

If I may!

Your suggestion sounds good in theory but unfortunately that’s where it ends up staying “a theory” as it can’t be put into practice because it’s doesn’t suit this business model.

Marketing strategies are very carefully analysed with months of discussion before they are implemented using data based on what, where and when each player spends the most money on. They collect all of that right down to the last click you do m8.

The current iffers make you buy them mostly for the gems offers really knowing that your most likely to use those gems there and then on summons thus they are not about the mats at all. Those added extra items are only included to make it seem more interesting for you to purchase. Sorta like a chocolate bar on special on the counter at the cash register, it’s tempting and in your face.
This is the same sorta of concept, the mats are tempting and in your face.

Now if they gave you an option to choose what you wanted as you say once a month then they would sell gems anymore because everyone would be waiting for that offer every month and thus affect every other offer that doesn’t have an option.

Because you see once they give in once to this kind of offer, based on human nature,The next complaint and/or request would then be “Why can’t all offers have this option” and then the cycle of theories starts all over again, it becomes a never ending story.

Your idea is ok for the odd few but when your talking 100’s and 1000’s it’s a whole different ball game.


Well well…


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