Make all Starting Boards Have Exactly the Same Number of Tiles/Stones in Each Color

After reading this, I can’t help but think of the scene in Casino where Rothstein demands the baker bake an equal amount of blueberries into each muffin.


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I think this might be an interesting idea for a type of Raid Tournament, where the starting board will have an even distribution of tiles and new tiles will appear in a known order.

I definitely wouldn’t want this for general matches, but it would be really interesting to see how it would impact in-match strategy and team design.

@Garanwyn, do we know whether or not defense slash attacks are targeted randomly? I assume they are, but has anyone tracked data to confirm?

I’m pre-coffee, so I’m afraid I’m not processing that question too well. Are you asking whether raid matchmaking is completely random?

If so, I don’t know for certain how the matchmaking is done, except that it only matches people within +/-300 Cups. Back when I was in Platinum, I participated in a data project run by @Anaea on Raid matchmaking.

It’s clear, at least at the Platinum level, that there’s a bias of around +70 trophies in the typical match returned (the attacker averages about 70 trophies less than the defender).

Why that is, no one knows. @lexinen theorized that the ascension wall (limit on available 4* AM) meant there were a ton of teams clustered around the Platinum/Diamond cut-over, and that was why the bias.

It’s a reasonable explanation–but it could just as easily be a technique deployed by SG to try to moderate the win rate in raids a little bit. After all, my success against equal-strength defenders is disgustingly high.

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EDIT: Lol, I didn’t realize you were responding to a completely different question that someone else had asked you.

No, I’m asking whether which member of an attacking team (whether on map, raid, etc) an enemy decides to strike with a given slash attack is random. I’m assuming that targets for slash attacks are just a 1/x chance for each hero, where x = number of attacking heroes alive.

I’ve seen people assert that the game targets healers, wounded heroes, etc, and I’m assuming that’s not the case, but I’m just wondering if anyone has created a dataset to show that conclusively.

I don’t believe so. Sounds like a fun project for someone to undertake.

@Kerridoc has asserted he believes the algorithm has at least a mild preference for high-mana attackers, and also low health attackers.

If that were the case, the behavior would often be to target healers, since:

  1. They are all Average or slower mana, meaning they tend to have a full-ish mana bar longer than Very Fast and Fast heroes
  2. Most of us will hold healers at full mana until they are actually needed, while firing other specials quite quickly.
  3. Many people bring healers at 3/60 or 3/70, because they are at full effectiveness once their special is 8/8. But this means they often have less health and defense than the snipers on a team.

Those three things make them more likely than not to be the recipients of attacks targeting high-mana, low-health heroes.

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What tool do people use to record their matches? I’m assuming it’s a lot easier to do matches, record them and then do the data coding / entry than to try to capture data live as you’re in a match.

It sure is. I’m on a Samsung device, and Samsung Game Center has a built-in recording feature, which is what I use. I believe there’s one on iOS as well. Many people use the third-party DU Recorder as an alternative.



I remember when I first started a year ago or so seeing this question discussed and if I remember rightly it goes something like this. Obvisously I’ll be generalising it.

Defense specials attacks are targeted against the offensive team based on
The heros you choose and where they are placed within the lineup.
Heros that work together will create a stronger target than unmatched heros.

So obvisously it’s far more complex but it does explain why sometimes a opponents hero can single shot your heros and other times that same hero can’t do half the damage. This is where part of strategy comes into play.

The problem with making this work with every match is that you would need to know exactly which heros compliment each other and how each ones specials aid the other to strengthen them as a team which also includes where they are placed.


I’ll try to find it if I can as there gave been hundreds of pists since then and I would need to remember the title it was under at the time. I don’t remember if I was part of that thread or not but I think I was, if not it will be almost impossible for me to find I think.
It wouldn’t be a bad thread topic to start seeing how others think or see these attacks being targeted and have their thoughts on the matter.

Hope this helps a little though.

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I’d be interested to see if you can find that. It’s the sort of discussion I’d have expected @kerridoc to have been involved in. But as recently as last December, this was his view:

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I had a quick search earlier and found a couple of comments it but only in bits and pieces.

I will keep looking though. I do knows close to when I started probably around the June/July mark

I remember what was said in sorts as it always stuck in my mind from that point onwards so I know it must be there somewhere, lol.


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Are you sure you’re talking about the same game, @NDarkNS? There is no Prometheus hero. Not in any color. Not from any event. Not from Atlantis. And not as a HotM. Prometheus doesn’t exist.
Are you talking about Onatel (yellow 5* HotM mana controller) or Poseidon (yellow 5* Atlantis)? Or maybe Proteus (4* purple Atlantis mana controller)?

He’s talking about Proteus, I’m assuming.


The first 5 rounds of the tournament I got 5 easy wins. Then the game gives me nothing and I loose four in a row, even without filling one hero. Why isn’t it possible that in every board you get around 20% of each colour? I don’t mean to start with but during playing. Now I got the feeling that winning or loosing depends on the board I got and not because of the team or my play. The best feeling I get in playing, against teams with about the same team strength, is that at the end only two or max three hero’s still standing. Not, loosing or winning, five full hero’s.

If you did it would not be random.

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