Make all Starting Boards Have Exactly the Same Number of Tiles/Stones in Each Color

You made a very interesting game. Unfortunately, randomness is too high in the game. Sometimes you go into battle and you realize that the game is lost, because there are no stones needed. I propose to make the game an equal opportunity start. To do this, at the beginning of each battle on the field must be 7 stones of each color. All teams will have equal chances.

I fear that if we had this, we would just have complaints that people can’t make matches because the one color they stacked has the tiles spread out over the board.

I think the randomness is actually a good thing here, and we have to just accept that sometimes we’re going to get lucky, sometimes we’re going to get unlucky. And sometimes, it will be “just right”.


I consider this game a training for brains, but not check of good luck. Luck can be checked on an appeal of 5* heroes.

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For me, this is not something I would want to see implemented. The game is interesting to me because it is a challenge, if it wasn’t I would have become bored very quickly and been long gone.

I get horrible boards, so-so boards, and awesome boards…Where would be the excitement getting a great one if they were all at least good to begin with?

To me, this would change it into just another juvenile match-three game, there’s tons of them out there…I choose not to play them as I am bored to tears whenever I try.


@Qoom this is an interesting idea, but then it would be a different game. Think of it this way:. If you & I were given all the same resources(food, money, help) and the same circumstances in life, we might make very similar choices and outcomes would be predictable, good or bad. But life isn’t like that:. There is a randomness to circumstances and a randomness to creativity and resilience that might even vary in one person day to day. I love this game because of the randomness that reminds me of real life. It is working deeply in how I think about my circumstances:. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Sometimes you use extra resources to win, sometimes you let something die so other things can thrive . And working as a team adds another whole layer of richness. If you don’t just think of it as a puzzle tile game, it might change you in good ways you don’t expect! May it be so for you!


Your idea is getting snubbed (for some reason that is the nature of the board here) but I think it’s a fair idea. Maybe not necessarily force completely even tiles of all colors but maybe make the variance just a bit lower as an alternative idea.

There is a problem with the game in wars and raids that many players will understand, where you often know immediately if you won or lost just by looking at the starting board. That seems kind of antithetical to the nature of the game. In that sense, it feel like you’re playing a dice game instead of a strategy game. It’s not up to you, or your heroes, or their abilities, or level, or any decision you have made, it’s just up to RNG. It’s an incredibly frustrating feeling.

Maybe instead of exactly 7 tiles, maybe force them to be between 5 and 9 of each color. This might also help to keep mono teams in check and make rainbow teams more appealing as well.

I think it’s a perfectly reasonable idea.


Ok, I’ve been playing for a year and every time you need something, the game shoves it back in your face. Let me explain. I had an even matchup for war. I used Prometheus with the idea of suppressing the enemy. Game starts. 3 purple tiles??? After 5 moves with no combos one purple appeared. Still no use for Prometheus. In that time, the attack counter made it so the opposition had 3 attacks in a row. During that turn, they ALL targeted my healer and wiped her out. Then they proceeded with Prometheus. I literally scored zero points.

Very frustrating.

I’m not the only one that’s posted similar threads, so it obvious something needs be done. I dont mind the losing, but it’s the entire squashing that is idiotic.

Before I lossed, I managed final get a spectacular 10move combo. It bombarded the head of my opponent who happen be Rigard. After the onslaught, I only did maybe a 5th of damage to his health. How can we die with several direct hits, but I cant do the same? It’s common knowledge that regardless of your hero, an attacked by the opposition is not spread out and they do at least 150pts standard damage. Seems element difference and defense makes no difference.

Something needs be done.
First propose that all boards start with equal tiles. There is enough room for every board have 7 of each color.
Second increase tile rejuvenation percentage based on the tiles you used. Right now there should be a 20% chance for any color… boost the color used to 35%.
Third, throw a randomized split normal attack in the game for the opposition.

I’m pretty sure that’s not accurate. I quit storing examples of these a few months ago, so it’s old teams of mine, but I get plenty of boards like this:


And I guess the enemy surprised you by suppressing you first instead and your not happy that., lol

If only we could all always win.


The game will only be fair when the AI plays from the same board and with the same rules as the human player.

The AI game has been improved and some randomness has been removed and that makes the raids/war games even harder. I am referring to the hits by the AI. They are not fully random anymore, they are targeted. There might still be a bit of randomness to choose the target but most of the time its smart enough to know to attack either the healers up front or the weakest hero or even better it can determine if it can kill a hero that has their special skill ready to be used.

Add this to the huge advantage that the AI has that is to be hit back after being hit three or four times with gems (regardless of color) and have super fast loading mana. I have games where after more than 10 turns I still wouldn’t have a full mana hero while the AI had already unloaded three or four times…

If you believe the defense has such a big advantage, how do you explain the fact that so many people win most of their raids?


If this ever gets implemented, I’d be curious to see how many complaint threads pop up with rants about:

  • Defending heroes dealing 700 HP damage per normal attack because they were color-stacked. Bonus points if the defender has Aegir and heals all defenders simultaneously for that much HP as well.
  • Defending heroes instantly one-shotting two or three of the attacker’s heroes with normal attacks in a single turn because they “triggered a cascade” by accident and happened to get “lucky tiles”.
  • Defending heroes instantly filling their mana gauges from the aforementioned cascade so that they can finish off the remaining attackers with special attacks during their next turn.
  • Defending heroes filling their mana gauges at double speed by “ghosting tiles” when some of the attackers are knocked out.
  • Defending heroes dealing double damage against attackers because their normal attacks are now elemental.

Very good points but… its already happening now and whats worst is that the AI player can almost be certain that they will have all their heros use their special skills. Theres no way to escape that unless you get a very good board with lots of combos that fill your heroes special skill.
Its even rarer that the attacking team actually gets to use their special skill first… The easiness that the AI gets it is frustarting as hell.

As for the Aegir point, it just shows you how unbalanced the game really is and the game should do a much better job at matching teams.

Do we have the stats of that or are you just talking from your experience from the game??

The advantage is on the offensive side, since you’re able to select counters (stacks and countering specials) for exactly this particular defense. The defense itself has to be set up balanced (almost rainbow) insted and will often use specials stupidly. Eg it hits in the corner with a hit 3, cleanses right before a devastating ailment will come, fires every special directly, hits a random enemy or other things like that. Therefore def will be weaker all the way, even with the 20% attack bonus.

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To all of those who complain about bad starting boards…

We all get them. The key is to learn how to turn them around.

Know which enemies you can send neutral tiles at and it won’t harm you. They have a healer and you got a bad board? Send tiles at the healer. If they heal before you do any damage, it doesn’t hurt you. Meanwhile, you are getting filler tiles that can swing the board in you favor.

This is just one of many tips for handling bad starting boards. Use your brains. Think strategically.

If your strategy going into a raid is snubbed by a bad starting board, have a plan b, and a plan c.

Adapt or perish!


The defense gaining mana predictably is one of the only advantages the defense gets (along with the +20% stat boost), and even then you can use mana punishers like Hansel or Merlin to turn that against them or block them with mana control heroes like Little John or Proteus.

The tank is the one position that is very likely to fire, which is why color-stacking against the tank to defeat them with tiles quickly is such a popular raid strategy. Sure, sometimes you don’t get the strong tiles, which is why I recommend 3-2 or 2-2-1 or 3-1-1 stacking so that you can at least do some damage/charge up a different color while you’re waiting for strong tiles. That’s also why I tend to use a defense-oriented raid team with 2 healers and beefy defense stats: if I don’t get strong tiles, I can survive a couple waves of offensive specials while I manipulate the board in my favor, and if I do get strong tiles, it doesn’t matter who I bring because I’ll win regardless.

Oh, and the Aegir point I made above? That’s another attacker advantage. Defenders only heal from Aegir’s buff if they actually slash, and only they get healed for only the amount of damage they actually did. When the attacker color-stacks and sends a tile, all attacking heroes of that color attack simultaneously for huge tile damage, and all of them heal for that huge amount of tile damage. Aegir is a beast on offense. :slight_smile:

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There is a very good strategy game in which the players start with the same board and both sides have exactly the same heroes - chess. It’s a totally different type of game.


Chess is not fair because white ALLOWS goes first. lol

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We actually have stats. The aggregate win rate for attackers in Diamond the last time I saw a number was 69%.

But let’s do a little test. How many defenses have you won out of the last 100? If things are so stacked against the attacker, your cups must rise every time you log off, right? How many hundreds of cups do you typically win while logged out?

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