Make all heroes exactly the same!

If you read the forums you would think that is what everyone wants. All heroes with the same stats, the same specials, vanilla across the board.

All these calls for nerfs (or even buffs), because of a rare scenario that hardly ever happens, or one single type of raid tournament, or just because the power level is a little different.

The fun and even goal of the game should be variety. The excitement to pull a great 4* or 5* you don’t have is truly one of the best parts of the game. It’s OK that some are more powerful and it’s OK that some aren’t that special. It gives a challenge of finding synergies, of building different type of teams to try and take out top heroes.

I do understand that sometimes a hero was good in theory but horrible in practice. Maybe they just can’t compete and need a little help. Maybe sometime there are XMas heroes or GTV that become extremely dominant when paired together and need some adjusting. But those adjustments were not made because individually they could wreck everything, they were made because together they made raiding and wars monotonous and boring, it was fighting the same teams over and over, that took away from the VARIETY.

So can we all just embrace lesser and more powerful heroes? Can we find creative ways to use them? Can we just deal with a hero being dominant or stinking at a specific tournament and war format? Can we choose variety instead of asking for everyone to be exactly the same?

I have been on this forum for a long time, and it has been extremely helpful but lately it also has lost it’s variety. A lot of posts have just turned to bickering on why a hero is OP or UP and needs to be adjusted. It too has lost its variety.


I embraced my Exeera so much I even gave her aethers but she is still crap. Luckily, my blues really suck hard so that was not resources wasted

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I think you got it wrong, many players would love all heroes to be equally viable and with a reasonable power gap, increasing variety and fun while others downplays the fact that there are balance issues wich would lead to less variety and thus less fun.


The 2* raid tournaments were mostly all heroes exactly the same. Some of us used 2* trainers to get into the top 5%.

It did result in roster spot expansion purchases and throwing emblems on 2*.

I believe I agree with you and we are saying the same thing. I think a lot of the “balance issues” are because of very scenarios. Say rush wars. Now I am not implying you think that, but reading a lot of the threads that is the impression that I get.

You agree a reasonable power gap is also acceptable, some heroes can be more powerful and some less, and that is OK. I am not advocating that we should have 1 hero that is an instant win button 100% of the time in all game modes. But is it ok to have a variety in power. A ton of threads get started, “buff this hero they don’t perform as well as this top tier hero so they are trash!” It’s ok that they are not a top hero, there are still cases where they may be very valuable to those that have them. Or they may not and that’s OK also.

I think we are on the same page here, just possibly worded a little differently.

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That is kind of what I am saying, Not the best hero but she improved your roster to allow you to compete more and allow you an easier path to try and get some of those better heroes.

A lot indeed… perhaps you (and everyone else for that matter) shoul ask yourself why are there so many nerf threads on the forum…

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I believe I mentioned that in the OP. I feel like a lot of the calls for those are based on a specific scenario, say rush wars for example. Or comparing a meh but usable hero to a top tier hero and wondering why one is better than the other and not completely equal.

I think that is the point of my post, it is OK to have some heroes better than others or be better in certain situations. (Again I don’t want a 100% win hero in all situations, not what I am saying) That is where the fun of finding Synergies comes in to play, or using heroes you don’t use on a day to day basis for that specific situation.

No, most definitely not.

SGG should definitely just release a 1 star hero that charges on 1 tile match and kills all opposing heroes with their special.

That way everyone has access to this overpowered hero and the game is again “fun”.

I have accepted the power creep in this game. It’s not going to change.
However, my real concern is how the new heroes are making many of the “old” heroes redundant especially when people pay to buy gems to make pulls and the majority they receive are “basic” heroes that will sit on a bench waiting.
Before long the game will become completely imbalanced and top heavy with new shiny heroes at all levels
What the hell do we all then do with S1 S2 some S3 and some HOTM, Costumes, Event heroes that are no longer that viable in the game


While I agree that nerf threads are rather annoying, I can’t recall anyone asking for all heroes to be the same.

Define “a little.”

El Naddaha post- buff: 831 power
Leonidas: 752 power
Kiril: 647 power

So the power difference between an S1 5* and an S5 5* is extremely close to the difference between an S1 5* and an S1 4*.
Power isn’t a great indicator of a hero’s value, but it’s still a massive stat disparity.

Variety is indeed a good thing for the game, but I don’t think most people are against it.
They just wish that the power creep would be toned down a bit, and that older heroes would be given some much needed love.


This 100%. As a P2P, I couldn’t agree with this more after what 2022 has brought to this game. Power creep is expected. People that spend money should definitely expect those money’s worth in return. But what’s been laid down by the developers is just absurd. Full blitzkrieg of imbalance.

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Actually, I do get that sort of implication from many of the posts in this forum*. For example, players wanting dispel in all colours (notably Fire is lacking in dispellers), revive in all colours, taunt in all colours, and so on. If every colour has the same sort of specials, but different only in the colours themselves, then why bother to have the flavour of each colour/element then? How would Nature heroes differ from Dark heroes in terms of their flavour/theme?

* I am sorry I cannot pinpoint them out for you.

It would be like Gauntlet 2 where one could run a red Questor. The elf needs food, badly.

But shortly after these sought after shiney new heroes face the “rebalancing” knife.

There’s a world of difference between wanting a dispeller in all colors and wanting all heroes to be the same though.

Dispel is usually one of several effects. Dispellers can have vastly different specials skills. For instance, c Vivica heals and gives DD, Sonya snipes, c Sabina gives buff immunity, c Kong gives blue reflect, etc.

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True to an extent. Both aspects are just crazy right now. Power levels of new heroes, followed by the “balance dance” shortly after are the biggest issues in this game right now. It definitely needs to change.

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The only thing I wanted to nerf is my time spent in the game. Practically, the only player vs player feature that I still play is alliance war. I just like the team spirit. Beside that I have no desires to chase new heros or to fight them. To each their own. :tipping_hand_man:

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No, it was still wasted resources…