Make -accuracy affect all specials

I really think the accuracy ailment should affect all specials. It currently only impacts heroes who’s specials deal damage and should be applied to any special for that matter (heals, cleanses, debuff, etc). An attack from Joon or Bane on a healer is a bit of a waste because the -accuracy is mostly irrelevant and only the direct damage portion really counts (yes,some tiles may miss, but this doesn’t make that much difference). However, if a healer would “miss” with their heals, heroes like Neith and Justice might actually be useful.

What do you all think?

I was actually thinking the other day that they could bring in a new hero that makes enemy specials miss adding buffs / healing as well as attacks. Would be a very handy special to have

My concern is that this would cause a huge shift in the game and cause the game to be unbalanced. A good portion of yellows would become OP overnight. While Neith isn’t the strongest hero out there, this change would elevate her past the point of how the original release telly was. Neith is still a good hero without this “theoretical buff”.
All heroes, buff, and ailments have their ups and downs. It creates balance. the fact that tiles and damage skills are already affected by blind, I don’t think blind needs a further buff.

On a side note, imagine this on yellow titans. After the special goes off you can’t heal, buff, debuff, cleanse, dispel, special skill damage, or tile damage. That doesn’t sound like a fun or balanced fight to me.

Those are my thoughts and opinions. Curious to see everyone else’s!


If you think about it, the healing steal of Vanda, costume elk and the healing reduction of sand heroes is basically this. Only difference is that Instead of missing the heal for example, 1 time out of 2 it’s roughly the same as a 50% heal reduction on average in the long run.

I think having both of them at the same time would be op at others have said. Bai yeong basically has this as a special but he only hits 1 and only for 2 turns. Drake would be insane

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Think mana cut achieves the same … or silence

Keeping the separate gives more control — a 6 turn blind that Interrupts heals and such would be too much imo

Small correction.

Accuracy debuff affects all skills which interract with the other team… So Mana Cuts, debuffs & other status ailments (e.g. JF or Lady Locke) can miss; not just direct damage & tiles.

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The OP is suggesting that accuracy debuff should also affect skills that interact with team mates, for example if Rigard is under accuracy debuff, he should miss healing his team or say Vivica should miss cleansing her team.
My question would be, why do we need that, isnt it sufficient that the accuracy debuff makes hero’s specials miss when they interact with other team, is Malosi not doing something akin to that already?

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