Make a's to the hopeful

Every challenge, seasonal or atlantis event we hear about the frustration of multiple summons yielding no satisfying results.

So this thread is simply to [submit a forum abiding 20 character] wish for a hero or 2 per post. Just post a character you wish you had here…it’s like dropping a quarter in a wishing well…you know without losing money…or gems.

In the end, you’ll probably be in the same place you were without making a wish…
…but on the off chance you make a wish and it comes true, you can credit it to making a wish here & proliferate a false narrative about how you’ve just got to believe & appease the RNG gods!


I know she’s not the best hero, and not a seasonal (actually very vanilla), but I’ve been jealous and wanted her since the first time I saw her (plus I’m very short on good yellows)…

Please SG… I wish for a Vivica…

Oh, false narrative. Okay, here goes… I have got to believe that, while SG hates me (and has hated me since I first started playing)… and they hate my posts on the forum, they hate my attitude, they hate my stupid face, they hate everything about me, they still must occasionally feel sorry for me.

Sure, they look down on me from their ivory towers, reading my stupid words, staring scornfully at my stupid face, covered in the muck and mud from whence my scaled, gilled and legless ancestors crawled from… I imagine them whispering amongst themselves about what a pathetic creature I am, how it is a miracle of nature that I have even managed to survive so long whilst lacking even the most basest of senses…

… surely it has occurred to at least one of them that maybe, just maybe, my very existence was preordained, that I am a necessary element of the so-called “order of the universe”, that without me, there could never exist a true balance. That perhaps I am worthy of their love and mercy, in spite of my seeming lack of otherwise redeeming qualities.

Okay, was that ridiculous enough to qualify me for at least one Vivica? :grin:


Lol :rofl:…sorry for the confusion…

The false narrative is that this thread can have some effect on the Empires & puzzles RNG for summons (although…we can’t be sure it does not have an effect…)

It does not…

…Or does it

That was an excellent story though @TGW
Dropping a wish for King Arthur.

Black Knight looks interesting

But shouldn’t he have no limbs?


Doesn’t a post need 20 characters? could not resist


At this point, I am convinced that both everything and nothing may or may not have a direct impact on RNG.

The last time I had good RNG, I thought maybe I was wearing lucky underwear that day.

Unfortunately, my girlfriend eventually insisted that I change them. :laughing:


@nevarmaor …those are the light hearted antics this thread/forum needs. See original post edit below:

So this thread is simply to [submit a forum abiding 20 character] wish for a hero or 2 per post. Just post a character you wish you had here…it’s like dropping a quarter in a wishing well…you know without losing money…or gems.

And no good RNG since. Things that make you go hmmm…mm.


Yes! Exactly! See, you get it.

Unfortunately she threw them in the wash, so the good luck has all been rinsed down the drain.


Come Silver, my work here is done now.


Sooo …

Do I actually have to go and do a summon now for my Black Knight?

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@nevarmaor No clue…I don’t know how the mystery of the forum wishing well works.

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Any event specific heroes I don’t already have.

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Hrmm, that would be for me every event hero there is except Arman.

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I wishhhhhh…shhhhhh…Lianna! :heart_eyes:

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Well, my one 10-challenge-event-coin pull did not get me Black Knight. it did however get me Chao who I was missing so yay me :laughing:

I’ll switch my wish now since BK won’t be back for a while and wish for Magni. Or Azlar. Or pretty much any decent Atlantis hero.

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I have Vivica but I have always wanted the Elf siblings :slight_smile:


I would love to have Black Knight, Joon, Tarlak or even Sartana. Sometimes when I do my summons pull i close my eyes and cross my fingers in the hope that I will get a hero that I really need… Like the ever elusive 5* green guy!

Some people (like my hubby) are just fortunate to have 5 green 5* heroes (3 guys and 2 girls) and even get the bonus HOTM yet here I am still waiting rather impatiently I might add just for my green guy.

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Oh, I would love to add Ariel to my roster :slight_smile:

I miss a 5* healer and I miss a blue 5* hero and guess what, she’s both :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

She would make my Rainbow complete