Make a Hero out of a character from another game/movie/... and let others guess!

This game offers a neat medium to imagine other fictional characters as heroes, and we’re all probably watching something or playing stuff on the side. Thought we could have another guessing game around here to see if someone else recognizes which game/story and character it is, by their colour and skill!

I’ll start with one I’d consider difficult and rather niche (though the game is pretty darn good).

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Had no idea on this so googled the phrase :stuck_out_tongue:

Heart of Darkness from Darkest Dungeon

There are some easy ones such as “arrow to the knee” or “bazinga”

Another harder one tho:

Special Skill: “Wrath of Dragnipur”

  • Deals 300% damage to the target;
  • if the target is killed their soul is trapped for the remainder of the battle
  • trapped souls add +30% damage to special skill damage; stacks up to 10 times.


My guess to that hero riddle of yours must be Shinigami Ryuk from Death Note.


My guess to yours would be Anomander Rake from the Malazan fame.

I don’t have something to offer. :sweat_smile:

EDIT: Thanks for editing, @Guvnor. You were wise enough to place a blur on those guesses of mine.


Yeah you gotta come up with something now tho :stuck_out_tongue: can’t just kill the thread haha

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@Guvnor All right then:

Special Skill: “The Power of “S””

  • Deals 400% damage to all enemies;
  • All enemies successfully hit goes “Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Select, Start”.


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That’s technically correct, but the character is known as someone else throughout the entire game, so I’ll keep it open for someone familiar with the subject to guess :stuck_out_tongue:

After looking up, a decent guess, but nope. What I have around there is Lovecraftian vibes.

In the meantime, here’s another one (easier perhaps?)

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