Make a forum app that replaces Discord and Line too

You guys generate so much business for these apps, why not create one that allows alliances to connect and chat AND has a forum part. You could run special promotions and get a whole new data set from users that allows you to monetize and develop the game better.
I remember the SGG/Zynga interview where it was said that the social aspect of the game, creating alliances, has been a real game-changer. So why not?

I’m in England and admittedly installing and having Line is a pain, i don’t even use our version WhatsApp but kind of had to download Line to chat to my alli properly so yes i agree a better chat would be great.

We use Discord and it works well but it took time to learn. And initially I didn’t like the idea of having an extra app I need to open and catch up on daily basis.

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