Make a 6th Team slot

Hello, consider making a slot for a sixth team. Since you need 6 teams for wars, it will make it easier to choose that last team if people could organize a sixth team, and not have to filter through the extra characters.

It costs gems, but you can buy an extra team slot in the store if you’d like. I think the first one costs 100 gems.


I don’t use premade teams for war so 5 is plenty for me, raid, defense, leveling, titans and farming. But I can see why others want them…

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As said above, this feature already exists in game.

You can purchase additional teams via the Shop under the Resources tab, I’ve already purchased some so the price may not be the same as the first instance.

I’ll crosspost a good tool also which you can use for pre-building your war teams etc…:


As this already exists, I am closing this thread.

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