Make 3 stars relevant

SG has been putting out a lot of new content and gameplay. However, with emblems 3 and 4 star heroes just cant stack up against the 5 star heroes, especially in wars. (5 stars at 3/70 cant really keep up in wars with emblemed teams either). I really like the 3 star tournaments and the rare/epic levels on the challenge event. What if season 2 and 3 had rare/epic/legendary modes instead of just normal and hard? Or what if wars had some kind of requirement of using 3 or 4 star teams and maybe a designated number of defense teams at each level? Just trying to think of ways to get them more involved because there are some really fun 3 and 4 star heroes to play with.

Counter point. I just used my all Red 4* team on hit 6 of the war. About 3600 TP and beat a 4300k team.

So my 4* still feel relevant.


In fact see below:

Was a decent board. I could make 3 matches in various places and that allowed me to fire off some specials and drop the tank. Then I got a couple of reds down the gap to power up Wilbur and both Sumles and then I blew them to bits.

So since I do this on war hit 6 quite often with team they feel mighty relevant


That’s a nice win. And I still use my 4* heroes as well, but what about 3*? The tavern of legends is nice to use them for the first few levels, but other than that there is only the 3* tournament. Yes you can play farm with them, but raiding and wars are much more fun than farming. Any suggestions on how to get them more involved?

Do you use unemblemed 4* against fully emblemed 5*?

Emblem your 4*…

3* is to weak, they have 200 power difference to 4* and 300 to 5*. Even without emblem system, they are not used in higher level or war.

Want to make 3* or 4* relevant? Bring the non-S1 to HA.

Isn’t it insane that we can get S2/event 5* from HA but not the 3*/4*?

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I have 4 stars emblemed some at 20. I know the 3 * cant hang with them. I’m just saying they are fun to play with as well and I wish there was more opportunity to play with them other than the couple tournaments here and there. And we wouldn’t get so angry when a 10x summon gives us 9 3* because there can be a use for them.

Its impossible that a 4 star hero could compite with emblemed 5*(in pure power or stats). That doesnt mean that they are not relevant. They still can come in handy even to people with deep 5* rosters (c.rigard case) and to me that have myself not too many 5* , 4* star heroes are all i have to play the game and play wars. And its ok, the 5* star will eventually come.
My teams are most of 4* star with some mix of 5* and not always win against a 5* star defense (it depends on the board and the heroes im attacking, like how many emblems they have)

The 3* are used only in events , tournaments and tavern

That’s the point I am making. I have about 40 total 4 and 5 star maxed. The 4s cannot compete with fully emblemed 5s unless there is a very favorable board.

The fact that we get so many 3s and have so few places to use them is what I’m trying to suggest. What additional content could we come up with that would encourage use of the 3s? I personally would very much like to level and be able to use more 3s in something other than farming. The tournaments and tavern is actually very little content for them. And I know everyone wants the “best” 5s but it isnt realistic to expect we will all get them. Additional quests, challenges, raiding, or whatever using only 3s would be fun to play, or at least it would be to me.

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Aren’t challenge events enough?

3* ONLY Wars, now how fun could that be? :grin:

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3* get plenty of run outs. We have one coming tomorrow and Events and Tournament are why I have about 30 levelled 3*.

They have use and relevance but in a game of power levels a weaker hero will always ultimately come unstuck against a stronger one. So wars I do agree, it’s been a long time since I took a 3* to a war but I can honestly say I still take a 3* Hero to the 12* Red Titans as he’s my only blue defence down. I just revive scroll him back up and fire him so the real hitters can do some serious work.

No, it’s busine$$. :-/

Then change the title of this post. You don’t really mean that 4*s aren’t relevant. Saying that they are in your topic is a nonstarter for good discourse.

I changed the topic name. However the original intent of the topic was to generate some conversation on how to make more content specifically for 4 and 5 stars. 4 stars cant hang with the top five stars.

And would it really create a detriment to your gaming if there were more content specifically for non-legendary heroes?

Truth be told, they are more relevant than before. You were just fortunate enough not to have played yet in 2017 and 2018. Back then, we don’t have raid tourneys. Back then, we were only limited to Pirates, Avalon, Teltoc and Grimforest but Wonderland has made a good addition. Back then, Tavern of Legends was not an event yet. There may be new events where these rare heroes in our roster can be used as often as required. Ninja Tower perhaps?

And here I still use Boldtusk against Telluria. Proteus against almost every top 5* tank.


I only have 1 rainbow team of 5 stars fully leveled and am working on my 2nd. I definitely need my 4 stars. Not to mention how much faster they are to level. My only issue is the limited number of 4’s compared to 5’s. There is so much variety of 5 star heroes and so few 4 stars…I wish that the game would invest more in creating twice the amount of 4 stars in the game.

Another idea to make every hero relevant is to limit the usage of hero in this seasonal event, just like challenge event. Why not limit the easy route with 3*, medium with 4* and hard with 5*? Of course just like the challenge event, you may bring 3* or 4* on hard stages, but you can’t bring the 5* in Easy or Medium stages.

4* heroes are definitely relevant, even against 5* teams.

NOTE: I am still very strongly opposed to the idea of 6 star heroes, or “unlimited emblems,” as that would completely destroy ANY semblance of so-called “game balance” IMO

3* heroes are still useful for at least three things: 3* raid tournaments, rare level challenge events, and lower level titans/Alliance Wars. The goal obviously is to move up to 4* heroes once you’re able to…? But 3* heroes are still a solid starting point for new players, I think. You can learn a lot by playing with just 3* heroes for a while that can make you much better prepared to start test driving 4s and 5s, versus a new player who just buys a bunch of 5s right off the bat when they have no clue what they’re doing.

Usually not a good idea to buy a Ferrari or Lamborghini for someone who just recently got their driver’s license. If you know what I mean. :wink:


I believe I posted a good solution for 3 and 4 stars :wink:

You mean 3 and 4 stars? What content specifically is not for them? Pretty much all content in the game is accessible to 4*s, which is actually why those with deep 5* rosters complain about having nothing to challenge them.

No, they can’t. If you join an alliance where everyone has 30+ maxed 5*s and you only have 4*s, then you’ll be out of place. But you can do really well with them at an appropriate level. Other than in top tier alliance war, they can get the job done anywhere else in the game.

You’re talking to someone who can count his maxed legendary heroes on one hand and still have fingers leftover. So I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here. But yes, it would cause a detriment if the developers were spending more time creating low level content with poor rewards versus something more interesting/challenging and rewarding like Sand Empire has been.

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