Major issue? Family bonuses should also apply to duplicate legendaries

Us heavy spenders are the source of income they need for them to have the growing team of developers they have. As well as the ability to continually upgrade their systems so that the game can handle the user load and run smoothly.

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Just a FYI but:
1000 players who spend $1000 per month = $1,000,000

100,000 players who spend $10 per month = $1,000,000

I’d say that both C2P & P2P are both major sources of income so pissing off one party for a small satisfaction gain for the other isn’t a great move imo.


10k spending one buck a month would be enough for me. :wink:

You keep using the word “fair” in your posts. Like a sense of entitlement just because you are a heavy spender. I’m hoping this is just a poor word choice and you really aren’t asking SG to change a known aspect of hero collecting because you think you are being treated “unfairly” …


And if you think about it, even free to play players are given ways to spend at season and event gates. Just imagine if, what little chances they get towards getting exclusive legendaries, they ended up getting duplicates. It does happen you know. So even they themselves, would deserve the right for their duplicate legendaries to be able to utilize the family bonus.

So don’t make this about anything more than what it actually is. Because in all honesty, with how easy 3 and 4 stars are to get compared to legendaries, allowing 3 and 4 star duplicates to utilize family bonuses would just be foolish imo. It’s actually a simple matter of rarity, not who spends what (if any at all). Legendaries are ultra rare (that even ftp players are given an ability to attain). So it’s because of how ultra rare legendaries are to get (by anyone), that only duplicates of those should be allowed to utilize family bonuses. To allow duplicates of something as easy to get as 3 and 4 stars, would be simply overkill… To say the very least…

Must disagree. Logically… if you spend money and get 5 different Atlantis heroes who connect via family bonus… and someone spends the same amount and pulls 5 duplicates … it makes more sense for game balance that both players should benefit

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Those players seem to already be in top 5 or top 10 in tourneys. I don’t see an issue here

I have 5 Namahage and was never near top 100k in any rare event. :rofl:

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May not be the best parallel… but costumed heroes are each an individual entity since u have to level each one. Each entity requires significant time and resource investment. So it makes sense that if you invest the same into it, the output should be equal

I dont have this problem period lol either :rofl:

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It was a poor choice of words. Isn’t about spending, as mentioned just below your post. It’s actually a matter of rarity… Legendaries are ultra rare, that anyone can get, even ftp players. So if a ftp was lucky enough (or actually, more accurate to say unlucky enough), to get duplicate legendaries? It would even be a family bonus that they would be able to utilize too.

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What it actually is, is you have duplicate legendaries that you feel you’re not getting enough credit for.

The game doesn’t distinguish between rarities of heroes currently for bonuses and buffs and such, and it would be IMHO a dangerous precedent to start now.

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“What it actually is, is you have duplicate legendaries that you feel you’re not getting enough credit for.”

That’s exactly right, you nailed it. With how ultra rare they are to come by, those should be given the exception from the rest in terms of allowing them to utilize the family bonus.

I just used the money thing to emphasize on just how ultra rare those damn legendaries are to get, that most of the time, it would take that much effort to actually get one. But then some blew it all out of proportion…

Imho anyway. And many inside the game share this opinion with me.

I think you’ll find that many people on the Forum — and many people in the world, for that matter — aren’t thrilled by the premise that big spenders should have even more advantage than having a lot of money to spend already provides.

Making a case based on:

  • “us hardcore spending players,”

  • and “heavy spenders deserve special privileges imo opinion,”

  • and taking credit for the funding of the company like saying “us heavy spenders are the source of income they need for them to have the growing team of developers they have; as well as the ability to continually upgrade their systems so that the game can handle the user load and run smoothly”

…are all likely to elicit reactions giving thoughts on the premise of heavier spenders being entitled to more benefit — because that’s literally what you said.

I’d say that the reactions I’ve seen so far are proportional and courteous — they just don’t agree with the premise.


Let’s say you have a setup where you have 5 heroes from a family and of those you have 2 pairs. Let’s run with the idea that you get a 5x family bonus.

Now let’s also say you have the same set-up, but your pairs are from 2 different families

Now let’s say you have the same set-up, but you have Only s1 heroes.

It looks to me like the family bonus is already an advantage at x3 for the first scenario. Having a 5x advantage for a family of multiples compared to not having any advantage at the other extreme (s1 heroes) doesn’t seem particularly fair to players that are c2p or ftp. I completely agree that it would break the already existing chasm.

I also say all this as a whale who could build a whole Mitsuko team among other combinations of Atlantis/Avalon/Wonderland family duplicate teams.

Could there be a partial bonus? Maybe. But I would not make it equal to having 5 unique heroes. Pulling enough for dupes doesn’t seem to me to merit more or equal reward than pulling/using unique heroes.


The point was you want to make legendaries different from the rest by allowing dupes to gain extra bonus while not allowing this for other hero rarities, thus widening the gap even farther from everyone else.

Sugar coat it all you want, that smacks of entitlement to me.

Sorry, I can’t agree.

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If there is a poll for this, I will vote to disagree with OP’s suggestion.

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Family bonuses for dupes?

  • YES
  • NO

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As the bonuses work now…I wouldn’t care.

I got in early with the Sakura Family maxing out Inari, Mitsuko and Kage when they were released (and Danzo, Ammeona and Sumitomo maxed waiting). With family bonus and mana bonuses from skills, I just knew the team would machine-gun down anyone.

It was a big let down after I found out just how hard it was to get everything to line up and that was on offense…forget about defense.

So as Family Bonuses stand now…I don’t think it would be a big deal to allow duplicates to count.

However, I think the real problem is that the bonuses are too insignificant and not anywhere close to the hit you take from using lower-level heroes, forced colors and\or bad placement (in terms of defense). None of the family setups are optimal and the bonuses should at least balance that out so that players are more encouraged to use and chase them. If they were, then I would say no to allowing duplicates.


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