Major imbalance in war team score division

Support insists over and over again that this is normal, nothing wrong, nothing to see here folks but I have not seen it happen to any of the Alliance teams we face. I don’t even understand what kind of algorytm glitch could cause such a weak team to be worth the most points out of our alliance when we have several maxed teams! So Pat gets picked on a lot and gets frustrated and tries putting an even weaker team in sometimes to keep from being such a fine battle prize to the enemy but there’s no fix. It’s just him. Maddening I say. Simply maddening. :no_mouth:

Bonus points are based on health points, not team power.

7,695 (top team) vs 8,109 (bottom team).


That doesn’t make it any less rediculous. Guess this should be moved out of bugs and issues and into a major game flaw that should have been fixed a long time ago. :rofl:

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