Major balance of dark heroes needed

That’s what’s confusing to me.

How is roster limitations being cured by an element with the least amount of options?
I can’t make sense of that.
Unless it’s just…don’t really care about the success of a wall. Let’s go blue because it’s my favorite color

:point_up_2: this is what I’m used to. Even in middle alliances. So how that conversation evolves is of interest to me. It’s usually a cornerstone topic

Maybe there’s lots of Krampus out there.
Or maybe they think Aegir is a good tank.
Or maybe low def + high damage sounds like a good idea.
Or maybe they are on the blue rotation too?
My middle alliance ran blue tanks for a long time. So my highest level crit troop is blue because of that. Interesting to see folks still shoveling snow.

I’ve seen people using Heimdall and even Telluria successfully (alliances under 250k score) But for me personally, C Kadilen is still dangerous to take on, even more than Freya, Bera and even Xno (Xno is as dangerous as his flanks actually)

Elizabeth and Ferant are used successfully in top alliances

Wolfgang and Motega can be quite strong

Blue: C Krampus was stronger than Ludwig (due to his speed) and just recently nerfed.

While I do agree that Purple has the highest number of strong tanks atm, I think it’s not just a matter of tanks, but rather the synergy created between the tank and other defense heroes: Pengi, Quenell, Faline etc


Agreed, lots of options for people to use in the different colors. Yes may not be as awesome as a Xylophone or a Ludwig, but definitely a bunch of serviceable tanks out there. Just to name some off the top of my head:

Fire: Isrod, LB’d Boldtusk, LB’d Wilbur

Nature: Alberich (better on a wing, but definitely usable as tank), Atomos, Costume Yunan

Holy: Hanitra, Director Zuri (especially after needless buff), LB’d D’Andre (poor mans Xylophone), Guinevere (still think she could work IMO)

Ice: Ummm… Krampus is still viable, vanilla or otherwise, Zircon obviously, even Frosth with the right setup could work

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I disagree with the author of this thread as the statment seems to be a sweeping generalisation.
They( author) really needs to put the statement into context as there are many skins to this onion, namely what arena is referred to? Also the statistics to back it up ?
Please provide full statistical information before delivering such random threads without any substantial evidence.

I think the problem is with the war mechanic.

Who doesn’t take Alfrike as tank in a VF war? Those who don’t have it.
Who wouldn’t take Bera in an arrow buff war? Who wouldn’t take Freya in the minion war?
Since then we had Ludwig and Xnol who are good all arounders.

The list goes on. The problem is that the top (tank) heroes in this particular war rotation are pretty much all dark.
I think the devs “messed up” the realm bonuses on season 3 heroes, Freya and Bera tank benefit a good bit from that passive. Season 4 is more balanced in colors so far (yet the best S4 hero might be Xnol, dark).

What we can gather from this topic is precisely: Players with all the heros tend to have dark tanks, while lower rated alliances have much more diversification.
So in the grand scheme of things it’s not really an issue.

Anyway I think this war rotation is getting boring and we should have some new stuff soon.

hello, I think the idea is not to complain about the dark tank but to propose something similar to the tournament where yes or yes you have to change your tank because you do not have the option of using certain heroes

that’s true and top tier pretty much got access to them all.

my main point is that they are not as common as the purples for most mid level players. there are many good tanks i missed in all colours. purple remains the most available (clarissa, ursena, hel… also)

i just wish we get more accessible verity

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In my personal experience, at mid-tier (200-250k alliance score), green tanks were prevalent. Obviously though, I don’t have statistics over the entire game :slight_smile: Over 250k indeed there are more and more purple tanks

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Agree with this. Blue has been a common opposing war colour (and chosen colour) a lot in alliances Ive been in too. It is definitely not uncommon to see outside of the top echelons.

One of the things I most enjoy playing at the level I do for war is the variety. About the only colour don’t see on a regular basis is red, which I guess is due to the best red tanks being less accessible to low/ no spenders.

As far as the variety of Blues it can range from some Krampus from people hoarding EHTs for months till Xmas events, Richard and costume, Aegirs, Fridas, Velas, Raffaeles and then Magnis and other snipers.

For alliances which don’t have a lot of the top chased tanks the options in S1 Blue or HotM are just as good as those in other colours.


It’s 100% possible that the original tank and flanks stays the same after your proposed “scramble”. What then? Start another thread giving out even worse idea?

If there’s any scrambling, it should be fixed and announced AFTER defense line up is locked. That way it would be fair instead of adding another layer of RNG to an already not-so-random RNG based game. (looking at your beta gate cheaters who can predict starting board with 100% accuracy)

No, they cant do that. You ate just make a sweeping generalisation based kn a very small piece of info you have anout that topic

Same here, my alliance is in the 200-250k score range and we are using green tanks, except for rush where we go with dark recently due to many people having Viscaro and Quintus as more accessible options.
Based on experience so far, green has worked great for us, we have a number of Telluria’s which are actually still serviceable, a number of Heimdall’s and c Kadilen which all make for good tanks, plus a few Friggs and Lady of the Lake.
We usually fight with alliances with varying color tanks, red seems to become popular, and we haven’t seen in maybe a year a yellow tank.
So I would say there is no problem with the dark heroes, no nerf needed. It might be a different view at the top though :slight_smile:


Darks tanks are preferred also mainly because yellows sucks hard. Always been the weakest color in each tier…

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Are you looking for another nerf ? To destroy few cards and angry people who spend money and time to upgrade them? Or maybe we need another good op card to change meta like Telluria did and nerf this card in few months later ?

Another contributing factor maybe Limit Breaks:

The way this plays out will be new metas
Not nerfed elements…

Meaning, $penders continue to develop their brilliant $trategy. And the colors change after Magic Tower, or the like, continues creeping.

…from purple to yellow in the top 10. Then top 100, then top 1,000. Then another one of these threads.

Emblems get reset fairly easily. Especially for $penders. But now…
New creeps need to be strong enough to replace LB’d metas. Once an alliance of 30 settle the $trategy, it’s not like everyone can change colors and maintain the wall.

Or there needs to be enough LB material to develop new creeps. We’re on the cusp of this.
Which will lead to another…
Mandatory roster development update.

And that will extend saturations further afterwards

Oh… and another possible contributing factor.
Less players:

If they extend another raid tier, saturations will be lessened by putting the $trategty folk in their own quarantine tier.
But war will remain… A swamp.

If the population dwindles…
The swamp isn’t going to drain

Fire has some of the highest def and hp stats.

And ice has some of the highest attack stats

See here:

Pois1 hero compendium

Fire may have the most options for tank!
Ice has too much def down, element def down, dispel, attack power and best attack booster in the game.

People scratch their head’s, why their amazing red tanks get hammered in the WT.
Until bald spots form…
And then they change the lineup

Yep, which follows on to what I already said about not seeing many red tanks at my level where the majority of options are S1 or old HotM/ old event as there isn’t the depth of having Elizabeth/ Ferant etc.

Blue though does have the depth at the level I play that it is used a lot. The purple tank rush issue does not stretch too far down.

Alliances just use the most efficient overall tank colour.

Currently it’s purple but it has been for a while so I have 2 very good Yellow teams now and working on a 3rd.

We do get Red on occasion as well and as such I have 2 very good blue teams.

Green has passed for now because Red is very offence heavy and green tanks just can’t stand up to the onslaught (and also somewhat hampered by being Slow heroes)

This is just how the game revolves and it will revolve again soon enough I’m sure

I honestly don’t understand what kind of balance you want. As for the yellow omega activity, that balance will be somewhat restored. The system should provide more options for heroes suitable for different colored tanks. but if you want nerfs we’re tired of people wanting more nerfs than purple tanks

I think you have a skewed perception of what a top 100 alliance has. At least from around the top 30 to top 100 range there is still quite a large variation in terms of roster with people having anywhere from 30 to 90 maxed 5s. Those at the top end of that range could put together multiple mono or heavy stack teams in each color whilst those at the bottom can do 1-2. Maxed 5s is also not fully indicative of the types of teams that are run - about half of the heroes I use are 4*s and of course Tree also gets used a lot.

Personally against purple tanks I typically run one mono yellow team per war and target tanks such as Xnol or Alfrike with this team because a quick tile kill is most effective against these powerful tanks. For reds Elizabeth is a similar story. For other tanks I very rarely stack heavily and usually choose teams depending on hero skills and synergy, which often means I run purple heavy teams vs purple tanks.

I think purple and red tanks offer the best overall options for alliances with decent roster depth. Purple/red hybrid defenses seem to work pretty well. I have seen yellows work exceptionally well in rush attack before though - Neith tanks are super frustrating in this format.

It has been a while since I have seen a blue or green defense.