Major balance of dark heroes needed

Due to all dark tanks in all war teams across the globe. I think it’s time for something to be done with that. I miss the times where we would fight green, blue and red tanks every now and then. It has become pretty boring lately to tell you the truth.

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i wonder if there are statistics on this. we just fought a Green-tank alliance recently, and a Yellow-tank alliance, as an example…

we ourselves were using Blue recently.

my alliance ranks pretty low though, so I don’t know what the picture is like at “higher” levels


At low-middle level (under 200k alliance score), as far as I’ve seen, Nature tanks are quite common. Even Ice or, the rarest, Holy. Alliance closer to the top (over 250k alliance score) are using mainly Dark and Fire.

The defense meta is evolving somehow unpredictably. The developers themselves said last year that they did not expect Bera to become such a popular tank. Ferant tanks are now becoming increasingly popular, even though I’ve heard a lot of people saying one year ago that riposte heroes are not really good.

Personally, I am not so much in favour of designing super-strong tanks (no matter the element), as we’ve all seen what has happened to Telluria and now C Krampus.


In the top 100 its either purple or red. Elizabeth was starting to replace bera as the preferred tank then Xno came along and is the preferred tank at the top. There are also Alliances using Ferrant now. But wont see any color other than purple or red until you start going further down.


Are you asking for Dark Tank heroes to be nerfed? If not, what is your suggestion to remedy this Dark War Tank problem?

I will agree though that I am tired of seeing Dark tanks and running Dark tanks in war, been that way for awhile now.

thanks all, for giving a view of what it’s like at the top!

Probably not in the cards but it’d be interesting to have in the war rotation ‘defense scramble’ where defense rosters are scrambled at the start of battle.

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I think they just need to introduce formations. Everyone has to run reverse, double, etc. A double tank zombie horde, for example.

I know for rush it would be a nightmare but I think it would force people to think outside the box…

you can’t just say rebalance 20% of the heroes that’s impossible

Our past 30 wars we’ve fought 20 dark tanks, 2 fire, 2 holy, 3 ice, 1 nature and 2 teams with mixed tanks. Only ones to beat us came from the dark tanks and 1 of the three teams with ice tanks. And that last one was a nail-biter we only lost by 55 pts. We have been running just dark tanks ourselves in every modifier since the end of July 2021. Prior to that we had been alternating between dark and nature based on modifier.


poor christmas heroes would have their stats nerfed into oblivion then. MoNo’s revive would be dropped to .5 percent, krampus would get 1 turn taunt and no other buffs, Santa, well who cares, mr pengi would have his hit lowered to 50, and 5 damage for each hit with minions…

They don’t need change
we need better tanks in other colours who are more accessible for more verity

right now, most tank worthy heroes are purple (bera, Freya, Hannah and xeno) and they got released for a long time they are relatively more accessible now.

other colours need similar verity:

green had telluria but she got destroyed from the nerfs and no green tank was introduced after her.

red got few ok heroes but none of them is tank worthy or very available.

yellow is pretty much dead after guinevere days

blue had none shining but different ok options

the problem is with SG and their secret love for purple tanks.

the meta can easily shift with decent tanky HoTM without nerfs on any other hero

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We fight lots of green tanks and we were using green for a while, recently we got bored and switched to dark to try.

People talk about top 100 alliances, who cares? they pretty much have most of the heroes and can easily put 6 Holy heavy teams

I hear some else saying “I am tired of dark tank on war,” then do not participate, take a brake. there are many other aspects of the game than just war

Remember that war is an alliance thing, we are always asking the members what work for them depending on what do they have, the tank color might work for several but never will work for everyone unless you are on the top 100. I do not see all Dark tank when I do raid to say that for sure dark is the tank of choice for everyone.

Let us not make a decision or ask for changes base on a select group of people that represent the minority


Realistically, I think it would help if they released good HOTM for defenses that support some of the event tanks.

E.g if they released a HOTM that supported Guinevere into relevance again, and did similar things for other tanks that aren’t purple, we would see more diversity.

Edit: To add on to this, I am specifying HOTM in roless that support tanks from events because HOTM tanks can easily become too prevalent like Telluria, leading to a nerf. However, if they support a variety of event hero tanks, SG will indirectly help those who have these tanks from older times (Guinevere, Black Knight, etc), while also enticing people who have these HOTM to pull in these events. And HOTM are more accessible, making it so that teams of only event heroes are not what is needed to make old tanks relevant again.


I agreed with @IgH and @Star150m we do not need to ruing dark heroes or for people to formations or randomly switch defenses what we need is better heroes in other colors that can be used as tank


Yep nerf would be way to go. Nerfs are major part of balance updates after all :slight_smile:

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I would very much not like to see nerfs to any hero unless they are very rarely applied only to brokenly poweful heroes. And compensation for the nerfs would need to be better than it has been to engender goodwill and show that SG is acknowledging that they messed up and negatively impacted players. The current dark tank meta really doesn’t have any. It hust arises from the fact that there are several gokd purple tanks and not as many in other colors.

Take for example blue. Only Krampus stands out as a good blue tank. Richard is okay. Aegir is okay, but a bit too passive for the modern era. Everyone else is not great at tank. This deficiency is in no way the fault of these dark heroes and they should not be nerfed because of it.


Part of the problem is that they keep releasing powerful slow heroes in purple. Hello Ludwig, so in rush wars also it’s Ludwig-Akfrike-Xno. Who’s fault is that? The players? Enough with the nerfs

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One could argue based on history that SGG finds properly rebalancing one hero impossible.

You guys make very good points. All I know at least last 20 wars we fought was against dark tank and I had to point that out as a general concern. Boring as hell.