Majestic Ram's Damage (WTF?!)

If this topic is already being discussed somewhere, I apologize.

I’m just blown away by the damage the Season 3 Hard Mode Majestic Ram does with it’s special. This damage is comparable to the 500+% damage I see in raids from maxed and emblemed Liannas and Joons.

Wonder why there’s so much damage despite a +42% Defense increase that was already in force by Jean-François? In this image below, the ram causes 952 damage to Jean-François despite having a +42% defensive shield in place.

This is where my JF currently sits (a 741 Defense stat I thought was actually decent):

The Season 3 peon infantry in Jotunheim realm have slash attacks that causes over 300 damage on Seshat+11 and Telluria+9, which is on par with the damage from regular enemies in the final province of Season 2!

I’m afraid by the time I reach Alfheim realm (if I’m even good enough to sniff it), I’ll be seeing my team of maxed 5* heroes getting blown out of the water. Is this where those hard to craft 4* and 5* Battle Items are coming more into play? It should seem so. Thankfully, for now I’m just plowing through 1* Antidotes and 2* Potent Healing and Potent Mana items. Again, for now.


Wow. That’s quite a hit. I think I’m glad my farm team is where I initially concentrated my emblems. So far I’m not having issues with season 3 hard that a timely minor mana potion won’t address, but 18 or 19 on the emblems makes for a tougher character.

I can’t tell who your heroes are, other than Jean-François of course, but I try to hit the boss stage with all specials maxed, and target the boss. My team is normal Boldtusk (20 emblems, defense route, plus costume bonus), Kunchen, Joon, Alasie and Zeline. That’s an attack buff, defense debuff, two snipers, one with blind, the other with a minor mana control, and an attack debuff. That keeps the ram under control long enough to keep on nailing it with specials.

My advice is that if you don’t have the direct firepower to kill it fast, use mana control heroes (Proteus is good for this) to keep it from firing on you, and have either a cleanser or a defense buffer ready to counter the defense drop if it gets it’s special off anyway. 5* heroes are great, but sometimes the right 4* can be a better choice for a hard hitting team or a particular tricky problem level.

If you have def buff from JF it means that Ram has his atk buff.
1.3/1.42=0.91 - almost no damage reduction.
Turtles at the start of S2 can do even more damage on hard diff, so nothing too spectacular here. You have to either debuff attack or share damage via spirit link. This is the case when right combination of heroes including 4* ones is more formidable than just stacking most powerful 5*.

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Exactly that. I’m quite sure that attack down is much more effective against powerful special attacks than defense up.

That’s the same with snipers in PvP. With defense buff active, hard-hitting snipers like Lianna or C-Joon do almost the same damage as without. However, if their attack is reduced by 34% or even more, the damage output is lowered quite a lot.

Probably the most important advice for hard map levels

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I think there is one fault:

JF does NOT def up against yellow, he does against blue.

Therefore the Rams special will

  1. Hit your team with full force
  2. Then tries to debuff your defense
  3. Then tries to buff his own attack

So you get the damage first, and at 2. The defense debuff will be turned to a defense up.

And if the ram has fired before, maybe his attack was already boosted. That would explain the damage.

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