Majestic Mystics looking for new members to take down those 6* titans


Hi we are Majestic Mystics. We are a fun and active alliance. Currently we are battling 6* titans but we wish to go higher, like 8* titans. But to get there we need your help! We have a wide variety of age, gender and nationality although most are dutch, but we feel like the game will be more fun with international members. We have an active chat which is (semi) mature. We have fun and light conversation but we can also get more serious. Since we love killing titans and getting stronger we keep encouraging ppl to attack the titan giving us good results. So if you have a teampower of 2200 or higher and you have 600 trophies come join us and maybe we can get in the top 100 with your help. Hope to see you soon!


Also if you are really active we might make an exception if you don’t match the criteria of 2200 teampower :slight_smile:


We are currently full. When we have an open spot I’ll update. :slight_smile: