Mai's Guide to Efficient Farming – List of best lvls to farm monster, different resources, wanted missions and XP



Any updates to this? I’ve used about 100 flags on 7-7 trying for meteor frag and got zero


As a significant (as in massive) farmer of 8-7, I have no lack of Meteor fragments (343), Hardwood Lumber (562). Unlike Dragon bones (3), Orichalcum nuggets (11) and Fine steel/metal ores (12)…

Of course it depends on what you create/spend the ingredients, but I have made lots of everything…

Need to find where to get more Dragon bones :frowning:


After the last updates everything has changed, I no longer find backpacks in 5-8, nor grimoire dust and dragon bone in 6-8 as before, I search in several provinces and the normal thing comes out, something happened? Where do I find them now?


Same place, just a streak of bad luck, I’d suggest.

Persevere, and all will be well.


will you make one for season 2?


Downloaded, grateful for you effort!


Same question as other users…

Will there be a season 2 post ?? Your probably still doing the math :smiley:


I farm S2 1-10 Hard and regularly get chain, scabbards plus lots of forge mats. Also 6-8 swords/backpacks. Over all with all you get with 1 attack, I like.


For Fire Monsters, I find it more efficient to farm 4-1, rather than 6-8:
A normal run on 6-8 will give me 6 to 8 fire, whereas 6 runs on 4-1 can give me (this is from this morning’s data). Please note that my first run started in 6-8 as per the norm, but after only getting 6 Fire, I went back to 4-1:
Fire Chest … # Monsters
6 … 6 (from 6-8)
17 … 11 (starting 4-1 run)
24 … 7
32 …8
42 … 11
48 … 5
56 … 8

Ran out of World Energy after that. As always, YMMV, and CMM (Check My Math)

Mad Mare


Mai last post 25 august 2017. I suppose the post will never update for saison 2.


Yea, Mai quit a looooong time ago.


Do we know how many iterations she ran of each province?

I am trying to update my copy of her work for personal use. I’ve been doing 3 runs of each province and taking the average, but that’s not very robust.


I would definitely farm 8-7. The swords and backpacks will be extremely important for training new 1* 2* heros. 8-7 also gives you a steady flow of recruits you need to train your heros as well. I regularly see 9-10 recruits per attack. This is higher than a lot of other farming spots for the least flags used. It also gives decent, good loot.


As a newbie great job Mai. Just wish you added resources need to feed troops bad.


Hi, John - Mai wrote this a long time ago, but it mostly still holds true. Read the top of the thread for farming ideas.

Also, Mariamne has put together a really nice resource map. I’d type “Mariamne resource map” in the forum search bar. Normally I’d link it but my links seem to be missing. Cheers!


Thank you very much. Mona said you can learn something new every day if you are just willing.


Maps link :


Here’s a request to beta players: let’s try to do this research. With unlimited world energy in beta, we can assemble the data at no cost other than our time.


I would have liked to help you but i don’t a beta account. I look at the form every days and it’s always closed :sob:


That would be LOVELY. At 3 iterations per level of province and 6 energy each (haven’t started the hard run yet), it’s taking a long time even when I ignore the special quests (really had to get Farholme though). I have all the data for 1-1 to 1-8 if someone would like it? Not offended if you’d prefer to do your own counts from the get-go.