Mai's Guide to Efficient Farming – List of best lvls to farm monster, different resources, wanted missions and XP



I rotate 12-3, 12-7, 12-9. Gives me a good drop of practice swords and backpacks while building up an excess of recruits. This keeps all my training camps working.


Translation: I could be wrong, to test part else will be preferable too. But when I play the first plateaux of each province I find troops falling.
Example: province 20 … I do the 1 (troop that falls, then the 2 (troops that fall) and that on each province.
The chance or the small reward of not targeting the last plateau that gives him more xp? I do not know, but it works …

Je peux me tromper, à tester part d’autre serai préférable également. Mais lorsque je joue les premiers plateaux de chaque province j’ai trouvent des troupes qui tombe.
Exemple : province 20…Je fais la 1 (troupe qui tombe. Puis la 2 (troupes qui tombe) et ça sur chaque province.
Le hasard ou la petite récompense de ne pas visé le dernier plateau qui donne lui plus d’xp? Je ne sais pas, mais moi ça marche


the story is very good, a lot of work has been done, more such guides, the author is a big +


I will continue to read until I get better, so food and iron is more important then Gem. I am a rookie and I find this to be a great game so far.


Big thanks :slight_smile:


You can also get the cloaks, compass, orbs and everything else on that list from Mystic Vision


Any updates on the best lvls?


Any recommendations for rugged clothes mining? I had over time accumulated 3000 of them and after starting using tc19 I didn’t realize how many I had burned through. I’m out. My tc19 mass production has been halted. I tried 7-7 as recommended on this spreadsheet but only got a total of 1 after clearing it 3x


I created this guide:

And linked back to this guide. Thanks for the info!


I wish I could of read this when I started. Now level 32 and a lot of mistakes. Thanks for the information.


Mai this is awesome. However I am in desperate need of high level acsention items. Can you help with this and give advice. Wanted missions and mystic vision are not helping much. Still get the same thing over and over again.

Otherwise your advice has really proven worthy.

One more thing, I have Kelile. Is she worth keeping and if so for what purpose?


Heads up, this thread is quite old and most of that information has long been outdated. The only thing I use it for anymore are what color to farm monsters for elemental chests. Otherwise, the devs have changed the loot probabilities on each level. Also, I believe Mai quit the game about 9 months ago.

I’ll try to answer your questions knowing you won’t get a response from Mai. The only way to get high level ascension items is by filling the chests, buying deals that include them, completing rare quests, completing all tiers of the events, and killing titans. So, to give yourself the best chance to get them: (1) Fill all of your chests quickly, (2) Skip chest timers if you have the gems to spare, (3) Save your money for the deals that come around every so often, (4) Work on assembling a team that can complete rare quests, (5) Use the same team to complete all tiers of the epic and legendary events, and (6) Join an alliance where every single member is devoted to hitting the titan.


Depending on your other 4 star reds, Kelile is a worthy hero to keep. She doesn’t have the raw tile damage of Scarlett but has more durability. Plus, she’s a fast mana hero, which greatly helps to get her special off - both when attacking and defending.

High level ascension items - I’m guessing you mean Compasses and higher - can be acquired every 10 days when there is a new rare quest. Now you’ll have to slowly build up your team in order to compete the hardest difficulty, and that’s where you’ll get the ascension items for 5 stars.

The other thing that will help you get these items are titans and titan chests. You need to be with a good alliance and fighting high level titans to get the loot though.


Does anyone know if the XP thresholds are still the same?


Is there a lower province for hardwood lumber. I’m not ready for province 21.


Id say 8.7


Hardwood lumber is the worst thing to farm in this game from my exp. I get more Nuggets than HWL which is pretty ridiculous.

Lumber is used for two things only… Axe and Dragon attacks. Dragon attacks have Dragon bones as a bottleneck material, I am not sure why HWL needs to then be so ■■■■ rare. I can never make any Axe attacks because all my lumber is allocated to dragon attacks and still cant make many of those. Axe attacks also use Crypt Mushrooms which are a throttled material, so again, not sure why lumber needs to be so rare.

Increased drop in Prov 21? Yeah right. I’ll drop an entire energy bar there and not get a single drop. For a 7 flag zone, it needs to drop more frequently because I still get more lumber and roots just farming 3 flag zones instead of the “drops more often 7 flag” zones. Maybe i just don’t have enough patience to get a big enough sample size from farming 21, but the recruit difference between farming a 3 flag and 7 flag zone is too great to dedicate all my world energy to targeted Prov 21/22 farming.


I LIVE in 8.7 How come we’ve never met :wink: I must use up my lumber too quickly on other crafts. I’m trying to make Dragon banners now.


Just wait until you start using up your midnight roots. I can never find enough of those.


I don’t find that Roots are nearly as rare as Lumber, though they are used to craft more items. I’ve just accepted that half the items craftable with roots will never be made since all my roots go to Super Mana or Bombs.