Main team suggestions

Hey guys, I’ve been playing the game for about 6 months now. I finally have a decent roster and wanted to know if you could give any feedback. Should I level up anyone in particular and use them on my main defense team? Thanks for any and all feedback.

To make great defence you need to choose your center hero(tank) first. I’d choose Marjana or Kunchen for this role.
Tank needs to be covered with colour, which is strong against anti tank colour.
You can put mother & evelyn on 2&4 posituon.
Wings should be fast or very usefull. You have alice and joon, who is are great snipers and domi with dispell (usefullnes over 9k).

In conclusion, if it would be my roster - i’d max and put on defence:
Alice - mom - masha - evelyn - joon

Great roster for 6 month player btw.

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