Main AW flaw

This game is becoming more and more P2P or rather P2W (W for win) especially with the new Alliance Wars feature now. The stronger alliances are those where the players have the bigger number of available heroes (regardless of how levelled they are). If you have 0 and your opponent has 5 common heroes they can still manage to get some points. So most of us have now started to farm heroes. However, we also need to level them up and for this, you need available slots. The more you have the better off you are. You can buy extra slots. Which means that the more money you have and are willing to invest to buy gems and slots, the stronger your alliance becomes and the more wars you win. I think we should be allowed to reuse heroes but that’s just me. :thinking:

wow your reaching here…

You can get 3* heroes and slots free. Heroes come from the daily summons, common summons tokens, and Training Camp 12/13/20. Slots come free as you level up.

Also keep in mind that your alliance (assuming your allies are in a similar situation to you) won’t get paired up with an alliance with stacks of extra heroes. Or if you do occasionally, so what? The rewards from winning the wars are really nothing to write home about–similar to a Mystic Vision.

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