Magni's happy!

Great times for my long time 3/70 Magni! Sun seems to finaly be shining down his street at last. He lost the last set of scopes to (pre-nerf) Vela and been struggling to get 6 more since. I finally got the third from the costume chamber bonus chest earlier this week and noticed there are two more coming soon, one from lvl.48 free PoV and another from the upcoming Frostmarch. That’s three scopes in less than three weeks! Fast pace for 4* AM’s. I’m curious though how long it will take to get the last one? Hopefully some time before the next Frostmarch…


You’ll be able to buy one during Halloween

You can get one from the current rate titan.

I have 1 scope and Magni, Fenrir, cRichard, and Miki waiting at 3.70.

That’s 100% out of the question. Should have mentioned being f2p.

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Rare titans only gave me the bonus 4* mat twice in 2.5 years… I’m not betting on it :wink:

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There’s one in the Christmas Advanced difficulty. So December at the latest :slight_smile:

Dang, I got the bonus scopes from the titan! Now only need 4 more .

Great news, Guv, thanks! A blue ascension would be a nice Christmas gift!

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