Magni's costume not leveling

I’ve been using only blue to level Magni’s costume and it’s not moving past special skill of 4.! It is now on 3rd Ascension level 23. This happened with Margaret before so I was being patient but I am running out of levels if it hasn’t gone past special skill 4 and I’m at 3/23 I don’t see how it’s going to hit special skill 8 by 3 eighty. The hero itself is completely leveled.

It can happen, for a better percentage do 10 2* blue as gives more.
Max the special can take more time than normal but will get there eventually.
Just keep feeding.

I have done 10 2 stars. I just put 60 moooorrreee in him and special didn’t move. Please look into this as when it happened with Margaret there was a bug. I have tons of 5-stars leveled up and have never gone this high before without being at special skill 8

Have a brouse at this there some threads in there that explains it all.

Yeah, costumes are harder to max the special because they level up faster than a hero does. Much like maxing the special of a 3* versus a 4* hero. 3* always give me problems, and 3* costumes are the worst.

3* are the best!
Save dupes. And you feed the dupe for 100% skill increase after max level.

5* dupes are much harder to come by

I meant they’re the worst for not maxing the special before the hero. They are pretty easy to max the special afterwards. And even 3* costumes are not that common for me.

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