Magnificent Bastards Update 10/22/18 One spot open! Come Join the Fun! We have brownies

MAGNIFICENT BASTARDS has one opening for an active member (600 minimum cups). We are regularly taking down 7-8* titans, have very active participation from all over the globe, stable membership, superb mentorship for newer players and EXCELLENT Comradery and Humor!! We have fun, a great discord and our name says it all!!! And we have brownies and beer! lol


No humor, much Man-Dwarf love!! Must accept Kiril as true hotness. All Man-Dwarf love serious!!

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No crazies in this alliance! We’re all perfectly normal…really!!! :grin:. (Cruz, quit scaring off the recruits…)

No hate on love between Man and Dwarf. We open minded guild. Accept all who know truth of Kiril hotness. Must also agree that Picard > Kirk.

Why use many word when few word do same thing?

Two slots open. Come join the fun!

Needs visibility. Man and dwarf belong together. Be all bastard you can be!

Hey all! I am looking to fill your holes! I’m a pretty new player but extremely active. I vary between 1400-1500 cups currently. I support man dwarf love and encourage ANY sort of hot action with Boldtusk. I mean have you seen the size of those tusks?!

I am currently feeding Grim and Rigard to trade out for the dwarf (so I can have him all to myself) and the 3 star purple. Pick me, pick me!

Boldtusk nice if you into that kind thing. Kiril hottest!! You may have hope as bastard.

I yell at alliance leadership to make recruiting set at open. You bring Bold Tusks at leisure then.

Thanks! Just let me know when I can hop over. The dwarf, the Tusk and I will be there!

Cruz elder, Cruz can try to recruit if you request to join.

And we’re open now too

It’s open. Come on over!!! :grinning:. Lol. Boldtusk!! You’ll fit right in. Hahaha

Come fill the void!! Lol. We’re open

Come on in, @Ravensky. The water’s fine !

I just dipped my toes (just the tip)! :wink:


Still 1 spot open for our kind of crazy!

We require more bastards

Might as well take the plunge…just sayin. :upside_down_face:

You look like my kind of bastards…but it’s invite only now, and the discord link on your alliance banner has expired…

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