Magnificent Bastards is now OPEN!

Do you play regularly?
Do you like 8-9* titans?
Do you like wars?
Do you have at least 1000 cups and 3000 TP on your defense team?
Do you use Discord?
Do you like brownies? TOO BAD ALL FOR CRUZ
Is Kiril hottest female dwarf?

If so, Magnificent Bastards is your new home!

If you’re interested, but not quite ready for 8* titans yet, we have room in our training alliance, Magnificent Jr Bastards (affectionately referred to as the Lil’ Bastards), currently hitting 4* titans

Shameless bump, since we’ve locked our other threads.

We still have spaces open!

But alas, no brownies

Yeah, Cruz ate them all. But if you join, we’ll make more. :smile:

Them strong brownies. Cruz think no more eat brownies from Colorado

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Hahaha. Yeah you’re nutty enough without THOSE brownies.

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Still 3 spots open! Come join us

I made those “special” brownies just for you Cruz! How dare you complain. No more brownies or Kiril for you!

So, some bastards SOOOO smart. They discover brownies and butt mud made of same color. Them bastards try make Cruz eat butt mud, but Cruz no fall for that three times. Anyway, still need one bastard, but should avoid brownies, as likely butt mud. Unless you maybe like eat butt mud? Then Cruz no judge… unless you make butt mud from eating own grandmother, then maybe you good Magnificent Bastard material.

I am interested in joining, but I don’t know if I should be in the main alliance or the training alliance. A few things:
-I am always active.
-I am P2W, but I have only been playing for a month.
-I have a 3200 defense
-my bench has 6 lines that consist of 3250, 3000, 2800, 2400, 2400, and 2100 - of course I mix it up depending on the opponent. I also have a few unleveled 4* and 5* in reserve. I am quickly gathering mats so, these will go up as I ascend. I am willing to send screen shots of my roster if necessary.
-I never have unused flags at the end of a war.

  • I currently have 1870 trophies. I hover between 1800 and 2000, but I try not to go below platinum.
    -I have only faced a 4* titan. I was in a very casual/inactive alliance. I am looking for something a bit more serious.
    -level 26 player with level 14 stronghold

I’d love to join a serious alliance! Let me know.

Oh… and I like brownies

D-oh, we filled up and I didn’t update this. We would love to have you in either alliance, but understand if you don’t want the junior alliance. If you want a recommendation on a good alliance that would fit you, I could suggest The Wrinklies, just say ‘hey Crewton Cruz sent me’. Sorry :frowning:

no worries, just joined The Wrinklies and fought my first 8*.

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Awesome. Best of luck bro-dog!

We have one spot. Looking for someone who hits every titan, fights in every war, and enjoys our kind of crazy.

1000 trophies.
3000+ defense team power
30 heroes for war
Willing to use Discord

Two spots now open for daily players

No brownies anymore. Turns out fools chocolate violate several state and local statutes. Got shut down by health department. Much sad that day

Still, Cruz can teach of hidden joys of man-dwarf love. Cruz know things that make Kama sutra call and ask for advice. You join, Cruz teach.

@Cruzcampo I warned you about those funny brownies.

@Rook @Kerridoc @JonahTheBard Please close this thread

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