Magnificent Bastards is now OPEN! Two spots available

Come join us! Friendly alliance with active chat. Currently taking down 8 and 9 star titans. Active coordination for wars. Minimum 1000 cups, 3000 team power recommended. Discord server encouraged. WE HAVE BROWNIES!!!


One spot open! Join us before the next war!


All brownies Cruz brownies. You be bastard to learn of joys man-dwarf love. You be bastard and get blood for blood god and skulls for skull throne. You be bastard for the glory of Kiril and her ample flagons!!

You do NOT be bastard for Cruz brownies. You try, but Cruz will give you bad brownies made of butt mud.

You still want be bastard??

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Dang it Cruz, you’re scaring off the recruits again/———pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!! There are no nut jobs in this alliance!! We’re all perfectly normal bastards!!! No butt mud ——ewwww Cruz really???


Vile queen harpy!

You lure more potential bastards to doom with CURSED BROWNIES!!

Cruz would have more strong bastard. No take Cruz brownies. Honor man-dwarf love. Respect true hotness that be Kiril! Reap benefits of slaying Titans and have bountiful war chest filled with skulls of many dead enemy!

Be strong bastard!!

Evil Troll! Go crawl back under that rock, and leave the recruiting to the normal people…I really need a strong, active player to come join in the chat. Maybe frighten the weird one back into hiding!

(He’s actually a really good Strategist and extremely smart about this game. He’s our war General—but shhh don’t tell him I told you…I’ll never hear the end of it.)

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To top with this!

Want more bastard!

Get in on the fun before the next war!

One, one spot left. Ah hah hah

What is a discord server?

It’s a free third party chat app that we use for more in depth conversations that game chat doesn’t support

We still have 1 spot open

Now two spots open in our main alliance for friendly active players with 1000 cups and TP 3000+. We also have room in our feeder alliance, Magnificent Jr Bastards, if you aren’t quite ready for 8* titans yet. Come have fun with us!


Could you check out the ad I placed on alliance recruitment to see if this couple would be a good fit for Jr Bastards?

It’s under my profile - thread is seeking alliance- 2 new players

They would be welcome in the juniors. Its run by a couple of my more senior members using their alt accounts, and we share a Discord server

Magificenent Bastards was my 1st alliance… I left for a little while and checked out some other alliances… Something just seemed to be missing tho…
I eventually made my way back to Magnificent Bastards. NPNKY is a great leader for the inexperienced player upto veteran players. Shes an encyclopedia of game knowledge and morethan willing to help others! Found my home 4 sure… Definately recommend players of any calibre to join!@

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We still have room! Come fight 8-9* titans with us! 1000 cups, 2800-3000 TP, active on titans and wars.

@Rook This one can be closed when you have time. Thanks

Here you go. :slight_smile:

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