Magnificent Bastards is now FULL

Are you a daily player?
Do you have 1200 trophies?
Do you have a 3000+ defense team?
Do you have 30 heroes for war?
Do you want to hit 9* titans?
Do you use Discord?
Do you like brownies? And can you get to them before @Cruzcampo?

Then Magnificent Bastards is your new home. We have 2 spots open in our main alliance and a couple in our feeder alliance, Magnificent Jr Bastards (aka the Lil Bastards) for those who aren’t quite ready for the main alliance.

Still looking for 2 more Bastards

All those things except for discord.
Would that be a problem?

Come on in. We can get you set up on Discord if you need help.

Last few members disappear through membrane to upside-down. If be bastard, bring Eggos and Three Musketeers.

Hey dude. I’m a very regular player and looking to up my alliance power. Still have space?Screenshot_20181220-130945_Empires

Yes, yes we do.

Shoot a request and we’ll get you in.

It’s a great alliance! You’ll love it! Come join!!

@LSLordy, @Gogeter, we have space for both of you

Ok. I sent an invite request just now.

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@LSLordy we still have 1 spot, unless someone else gets here first.

Hi NPNKY, I am finishing up war with my current alliance but am looking for a new home. I need a bit more coordination on the war and titan front, and folks in my current alliance don’t seem to be interested in that. It feels like we fight “silent wars” with each person kind of doing their own thing. (However I also don’t want to leave until this war ends so I can honor my commitment to fight on behalf of my current team.)

I hover around 1850-1900 trophies, and I do have 30 heroes, but the first 3-4 sets of heroes are the strongest, with the rest not as much. Defense team is currently at 3100+. I am on discord also.

Do you still have a spot open? Are there any other rules, pre-requisites required for membership?

We do still have a spot, @Peppermint. At the end of your war, come on in. Meanwhile, hit me up on Discord and I’ll get you into the server. NPNKY#3674

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