Magnificent Bastards Family has openings!

Magnificent Bastards, MB Ascendant and MB Foundation are recruiting active players.

Foundation: teaching alliance for new active players. No minimum TP or cup requirement. Currently on 6* titans

Ascendant: Defense team 2800+, minimum 6 teams of maxed 3* heroes for war.

Magnificent Bastards: 3400+ defense team, at least half of war teams maxed 4* or better.

We have a Discord server to share tips, screenshots, successes (and failures). If you’re interested, check us out!



All the man-dwarf love you’ll ever need too.

3 spots. Much man-dwarf love.

Need rabbits.

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Just pruned some deadweight and we have openings at all levels. Check us out!

@Rook please close this thread. Creating a new one with some changes

Closed per OP’s request. :slight_smile: