Magni without emblems or Isarnia/Richard with emblems

Hey guys,
I’d like some levelling advice. I think the title explains my conundrum quite well.

I have 3 maxed 5* (Poseidon, Lianna and Azlar) who receive my fighter, ranger and barbarian emblems.

In 4* land I have every S1 hero levelled, and some special ones (Hansel, Fura, Brynhild soon).

If you don’t take emblems into account, I know Magni is better than Isarnia or Richard. But as the fisherking is eating all my fighter emblems (only at node 7), Magni won’t be getting any soon. I do have 700 wizard emblems and about the same in paladin. Is Isarnia or Richard with emblems better than Magni without?
And which of the two would you pick?

My opinion as a first blue 5*. Stick with Magni.

Snipers at fast speed have a longer shelf life, and are more useful generally

Unless you desperately desire a tank, where Richard is serviceable. But I’d go sniper personally, Richard becomes close to useless later in the game

I think it depends on what you’re missing in your roster, what your priorities are in the game too. :slightly_smiling_face: Isarnia was my first 5* blue and I have no regrets about maxing her. She’s an absolute beast with emblems and a staple of my blue stack. Also amazing for ninja tower, titans and great for map/quests. She’s also great for rush tourneys and wars if your regular defense is up to snuff but rush defense needs a boost. I don’t have Richard but he’s a very solid tank (def gave me some trouble this tourney too). I have Magni but yet to max him. I think if you just look at face value yes Magni maybe is better on offense for raids. But I think you need to consider synergy of your existing heroes with the new hero and emblems (as you are). A emblemed Isarnia or Richard is much stronger than an unemblemed Magni in my book. Good luck and I think there’s no wrong choice, just individual preference based on roster and personal goals.


Isarnia with Emblems will be better imo. MAgni and Isrnia have lowa defence. But good fast sniper as Magni is always good to have :slight_smile:


I would think Isarnia is the way to go. Defense down is nice vs titans. She’s a threat on a defense team. And she will make use of your emblems.

Magnis base defense is so low that he has a hard time being a truly awesome defender, despite his skill. IF Issy goes off its game changing.

Just imho. I think it’s very close fwiw. Fast heroes are the bees knees.

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If you use mono stacks i would level magni for sure. You have grimm for def down, so isarnias special is somewhat redundant. And richard, as already mentioned, is not particularly useful long term. I would emblem grimm a bit though if not already done.

Thanks for the advice. Since opinions are spread I’ll have to sleep about it a couple of days! :wink:

I assume you don’t have any costumes for any of them?

because with costume, a case could be made for Richard (costume bonus + level 5 mana troop = charging in 9 tiles instead of 10). I myself recently ascended costumed Richard over un-costumed Magni because of this (and also because I had plenty of Paladin emblems but few Fighter ones).

but without costume, I lean towards Magni. While Isarnia is great, and I have one ascended; Grimm sort of does the same thing (though Isarnia is sturdier AND has a bigger impact on defense). on the other hand, Magni is much stronger than the closest S1 blue sniper (Sonya). Magni could combo well with Kiril + Grimm, setting things up for a really strong hit (although Magni/Kiril do have some overlap with their specials).

but as others have said, what is your priority?

If Titans, quests and world map I would go with Isarnia (def down + damage to all is a VERY useful skill).

If Raids/Wars, I would go Magni. Speed + snipe is more useful there.

Unfortunately I haven’t got any 5* costumes yet. I don’t really have a specific priority, I’m F2P so I like to complete all events, just completion is fine. I’m in an active alliance so wars I do like. Raids are just to fill chests, don’t really care about the cups. In map playing I still have to do S2 hard en am halfway through S3 normal.

So I guess I like most aspects of the game and am searching for the hero I’m gonna use most.

Well I have isarnia with costume but I rather use her because her chance to fire in battle as slim because she’s slow,rigard has better chance to fire up and Magni is the Ultimate sniper he hits like a TANK,so I always choose fast hero’s insted slow no matter what

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