Magni vs Richard



Hello, l have a team mate who has both Magni and Richard leveled to 3/70. After patiently waiting for the past 3-4 months they finally got the Ascension item of telescopes needed to ascend one of these Heroes. This team mate has asked my advice on who to ascend? I suggest Magni, as he would be my personal choice. However I realize that I’m sort of a noob. Therefore I bring this question for more veteran players to give their advice and input. BTW, Team mate has Sartana 4/60; Joon 4/50; Ares 4/60; Alberich 4/1; Azlar 3/70 plus other 5* heroes yet to be leveled AND numerous 4* heroes maxed. I know, l am envious too :wink: Any wisdom you Vets have to share on the subject would be most appreciated. Thanks!



He already has a top tier tank (Ares).


Sartana, Magni, Ares, Alberich and Joon
Great team he has


Magni (20 characters)


Richard because he will be more weak and i can beat him :face_with_monocle:


Magni for sure. I put mine between Ares (center) and Alberich (left flank) with two more power hitters on the right. Seems to work well.