Magni vs King Arthur

just got Arthur from Avalon pull , i wonder if Arthur better than Magni ? as my observation Magni give more benefit than Arthur

Magni Fast +1
Def Buff for nearby +1
Def for total not only special +1

Arthur Atk+Ice Debuf +1

any though ?

Its simple:

Your preference is rading or raid defense? Magni
Preference is Titan? Arthur

King Arthur is better for titans:

  • Solid defense
  • Decrease 1 target’s ATK
  • Decrease 1 target’s E. DEF
  • He got S. DEF

Magni is better for PvP

  • Fast damaging special
  • High ATK
  • Defense buff for 3 allies
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Magni to 4/80
Arthur to 3/70 with 8/8 special skill

Best of both worlds

Arthur is good for titans but magni’s tile damage is as well. So I’d use arthur at 3/70 so you still get the benefit of his special skill. But magni at 4/80 so u get the most out of his tile damage and he’s not as soft as he is at 3/70(although still a little soft before he fires his buff)


Ascend magni first.

Imo Magni vs Arthur is the same thing as Lianna vs Evelyn.

Magni/Lianna’s main selling point is their tile damage and high spike hit damage so you’ll want them as high as possible to get the most out of that.

Arthur/Evelyn’s main selling point is their elemetal defense down and other non offensive special skills which you can get the full potential of at 3/70 as long as their skill is 8/8. Also they’re more likely to survive battles at 3/70 than the two tc20 heroes.

Arthur is little better on titans. Besides that I think Magni is better for defense and raids. Can’t beat his fast Mana, defense buff and hard hitting special. Arthur is very good though. So hard to go wrong.

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