Magni tank

My team uses blue tanks so my 4.72 magni is my tank

I don’t like it some much but what can is do?

Put 4.50 boril?..

Is there emblemes path that can make him viable?

Also I have Frida and miky in 3.70 wondering who to acend next

Maybe miky because magni on defence and miky is on evety 10 plus star titan?

I like Magni at tank more than Boril. With Boril you can attack even if your team is slower but powerful. If fast Magni fires, it’s rather irritating. Of course it depends on what surrounding heroes you have. Boril likes to have a healer flank, but that doesn’t seem to stop high levels from one shotting him.

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Frida before miky - miky is usable at 3/70 whereas frida is best at 4/80 - i use frida as a tank on one of my accounts

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For now I decided that Frida is not such an improvement over magni and miky can do 10 12 stars titan which is a must. So kevel him and became greedy

What if he can become my war tank punishing bad borad around the third flip?..

What do you think?

I highly doubt that…

I don’t think there is any hero combo in the E&P realm strong, or lucky enough to one-shot this dwarf…


I mean killing the team with Boril tank using one war flag.

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Oh, sorry about that… if that’s the case, any team, any tank can be one-shoted… it’s all up to the board you get…

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Yes…18 … Wow… it looks frightening…

Much more then 18 emblemed kiril I think

Ok… but what about miky… can he do some trouble?

Just now my friend got one shot…

Not 18 but still…

Magni is not a top tank, but still a decent tank.
Better then Boril? If both maxed, of course yes.
If Boril heavy emblemed? Close call.

Both of them are really weak against dispellers, which green is full.
If not greens, there’s still Sabina that is a healer and Sonya working around riposte that are easily avalaible.

Fighter skill is really good for defence and quite annoying for a fast hero like Magni, so i rather take him.

Miki is solely for titans, forget about defence.
Not even Frida is so good there.


Boril gives more time to get the dispeller running. If they trigger Boril and dispel, the defense hasn’t done much. But against Magni they still want to dispel very soon, plus Magni might have finished off an attacker. And Magni pulls further away from Boril if attackers are short on green in late war unless they take the risk of running mono.

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I am sad to hear… let’s see how he fares in this war…

I do hope that with Mana troops and him being tank it will mean that enemy has higher hp and his special can ensure at least two flags

Ofcourse Good placed silence can be a dead blow with arrow aid

Also noone knows him… so… element of surprise is with him her…

I will update during the war…

Problem with Magni is chances are he goes down a lot faster than Boril because of his low defense. Boril serves me as tank for quite a while and I’m happy with his performance. For me, his role is to buy as much time as possible for Azlar and Elena who flank him. He’s quite a meat sack, withstanding lots of punishment. He also encourages green stacking while the main damage dealers are red. It works well around 2500, even higher sometimes.

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