Magni talent tree wrong [Working As Designed]

why is it that level 9 talent for magni gives me 18 defensive points for 50 emblems, but level 10 (+3% def) is 125 emblems and only gives me 17 defensive points? there needs to be a correction. you shouldn’t have to spend more than twice the emblems for less.

Because Magni’s base stat for Defense is relatively low.

That’s just how the Talent Grid is designed, some nodes aren’t effective choices for some heroes.

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lvl 10 is not a choice. it only has 1 node. if it was designed that way, there is a flaw in the design

Ok, poor choice of words on my part — some Nodes aren’t particularly effective for some heroes, including ones that are required.

That’s just how the game designers made it.

Similarly, some heroes benefit more from their Talent than others.

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I don’t like this design either. At first I thought the defense points would increase in the talent tree when the hero get more defense points from other nodes, but no it doesn’t increase. The points will remain 17.

My next thought was that perhaps, this 3% defense will be added to the defense % the troop has, when you pair it with your hero. If your troop adds let’s say 17%, my thought was that perhaps it’ll become 20% now thanks to this more expensive defense talent node. That would make the double emblem cost worth it imo. But no, it doesn’t work that way either.

I call this a flaw in the design too. Spending many emblems for less compared to the other nodes, when you can’t choose another option that would be more worth the emblems.

I hope it made sense, english is my third language.

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Impressive language skills.


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