Magni, Richard...or Second Thorne? 🤔

Just pulled Magni, whoop whoop. Where is he on my list? I’ve got 4 scopes and enough fluffy capes to disguise an elephant as a woolly mammoth.

Right, here’re my current blue 5*

Here are my other snipers (no one mention Lianna)

Here are my other fighters

Now, I have no red 5*…but would anyone advise stripping emblems from Colen?

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Magni and no stripping Colen. :wink:

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MAGNI + 10000 :grin::+1:


I have 2 Magni,but I see C. Thorn is somekind of monster :scream:

Magni by a landslide! I’d also stop embleming Colen and consider eventually stripping the emblems. I use my 5* so much more than 4*, and my slow 4* spend most of their time on the bench.

You’re very kind, but I did pose the question in November 2019, so things have moved on a little since then.

That being said, I did exactly as you advised.

@mr_smile, this is some serious thread necromancy!


Odd I saw it and did not realize it is an old post!

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