Magni Reimagined!

Might be a little less titanic, but should be a bit more icy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can’t be arsed to do full body, faces are the fun part :unicorn:

Andorian, really?
Love that.
And the face of annoyed Sherlock (or at least it reminds me of) - priceless. )))

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I didn’t know what Andorians were but lol, kinda! :rofl: They look like eyestalks!

@Ellilea, and what was your original idea? WOW’s night elves? Looks so familiar, but cannot quite pinpoint it…

Honestly? It was 3 AM, I googled “ice”, saw fancyass icicles and thought they’d look swell as horns so I gave him icicle horns :unicorn:

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They will melt in spring )))

What are freezers for, my dude? Just put his head in one for a while and it’s all good.

I wanted to see if I can vote on my own thread - I can, and now I look cheap haha. Disregard! It was for science.