Magni power low fully emblemed

My alliance mate has Magni fully emblemed as do I. Yet, his magni has more overall power and is better in all 3 categories of power, defense and health. How is this possible? It is a 40 point differential!!

Doea he have Magni’s costume?

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Maybe custom?, Or different way on emblems

No costume on either character

Could you send a picture from both Magni? As you described both of them, I’m not sure if it’s a matter of emblems. :thinking:

Just to be clear does he have the costume but is not wearing it or does not have the costume at all

A fully level magni with no costume will be 854
A fully levelled magni with costume.leveled will be 895 whether hes wearing it or not

Accounts for the 40 points you mentioned

Think I figured it out. He has a costume bonus even though he is not leveled up there fully

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